Linkity really needs to get around to assembling that LEGO bonsai

The Lady Miss Princess Mayhem!

Polly and Harry hanging out on the kitty hammock.

Harry and Mayhem napping on my lap.

4 thoughts on “Linkity really needs to get around to assembling that LEGO bonsai”

  1. To: Landlord
    Fr: Kitten
    Re: Studio 1 Bath Apt. $995/Month

    Please advise me as to the availability and cost of of a Studio 5 Bath Apt.

    Fuchsia stairs to weaken your eyes before you get to the really deadly ones.

    Why do people always harp about renewable energy sources, then gripe about mold, which is, after all, just a renewable carpet source?

  2. Yeah, they’re not making me want to go back to a movie theatre. Too much more comfortable to stay home. (And cheaper, too.)

    That cake is cursed. Just nope.

    The LEGO Rivendell set is amazing! Though I wonder how many LEGO frogs they used as decorations. (My sister and BIL showed me their Chinese New Year LEGO sets, which use frogs for the lion statue’s ears. Also a pictures of the LEGO cherry blossom tree, with pink frogs for the blossoms. The most reasonable use of the frogs was as gargoyles in one castle set or another.)

    Oh goodness. You found some houses that are actively trying to kill people this week. (And it looks like one that already has.) O.o
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