Linkity for a last burst of summer (in Minneapolis, at least)

Lights on, nobody home in Harryland!

Polly’s hunkered down under the blanket, staying cozy.

4 thoughts on “Linkity for a last burst of summer (in Minneapolis, at least)”

  1. Cozy kitties are cozy! <3

    I love the post with all the sock links. Those sock sets are lovely! And I'm trying really hard to not buy any new yarn until I have the stash safely settled in the new house…. sigh. So tempting…

    I love that LOTR post, too. Middle Earth is "saved because enough people do what they have to do even if they have to do it in the darkness" and that really hits home. I'm even more excited for my re-read (on audio) of the series now than I was before.

    Also, that comic about the trip to Ireland is lovely. Thanks for finding and sharing it. "The end of summer is the beginning of something else" is a very touching way to end that story.
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