Linkity does not endorse [feline] sibling smackdowns

Polly is not pleased Harry has infringed on her space.

“Harry STOP!” -Polly, apparently

6 thoughts on “Linkity does not endorse [feline] sibling smackdowns”

  1. Sharks don’t have skin, because they don’t exist. The skin they don’t have is neither smooth nor rough. It is non-existent, as are the Sharks themselves. Source: I am non-existent. So are white pans that are still white after being used to cook anything, including white things, like typing correction fluid. Very non-existent. Also the house those spiral stair were meant to go in does not exist. In fact, this entire comment is a figment of your imagination. Seek Professional Help, but you won’t find it – it doesn’t exist.

  2. The Onion needed to do something, if it was going to continue being seen as parody in comparison to what the actual Supreme Court was doing, TBH.

    Cute Discworld book nook! And cute kitty condo!

    The one lighthouse was too big, the other was too small. On the other hand, they have GREAT views. And oh—no spiral staircases for me either. But, are those “sweeping stairs” supposed to be walked down, or is the other side a slide? (Actually, the slide is probably the unintentional way to get down. Keep 911 on speed dial.)
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  3. Ahhh the sibling smackdown – a daily event in our house. I swear most of the time it’s just because someone moved and the air currents disturbed the other. I spent an amazing weekend in a light keeper’s house on an island off the coast of Maine a while back – it was very plain compared to the first one – a palace compared to the second. Just looking at those stairs is aggrevating my vertigo.

  4. Even here (Middle Earth) we have heard of the Supreme Court’s decision. I am sending lots of hugs and warm fuzzies that common sense wins.

    Those houses. No, just no. Ditto for the spiral staircases.

    Oh, kitty fisticuffs ???? And while not on the ground!

    And I’m now very confused about ???? ????

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