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Harry being a goofball.

Polly telling me something.


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  1. Did San Francisco win the Home Show this week, or is that just Chauvinism on my part? ‘Cuz I really think we did win. Big Time. SF FTW BT!
    Stairs with column – I’m thinking ride the bike up the ramp, outside the rail, which, for once, we might be better off without.

  2. Lots of good ones here. Bookwyrm’s quotes are great, the rundown on UK politics shows that there are psychopaths in more than one government, Lake Superior really IS superior, and a moose will always capture my attention. Query: how well will the island house survive a 500-year rainstorm? The river will rise a LOT.

  3. Thanks for the links!

    I saw the Lake Superior tweets, and loved them! Did you see that Jorts has been tweeting back and forth with Lake Superior? So fun.

    I want to say that I love the LOTR-as-post-apocalyptic fic you posted, but it also makes me sad. I remember thinking when I was (much) younger that LOTR and Pern were peak fantasy. To realize that one is post-apocalyptic and the other is a space colony gone kinda wrong just messes with my idea of fantasy.

    LOVE the superhero job placement fic!
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