Title-free linkity

Harry hanging out, being silly.

Polly has mastered the dead bug pose!

Siblings looking outside, focused on very different things.

6 thoughts on “Title-free linkity”

  1. Those strange choices are definitely strange. And pretty fishy.

    Glamorous mini marshmallows! One of the weirdest bits of trivia I know is that there are 110 mini marshmallows in 1 cup. I don’t know why I know that.

  2. The former-jail-turned-into-a-home was featured on zillowgonewild on Instagram. The Tuscany-home-in -Ohio looks familiar; I think it was insta-ed by ZGW.

  3. Oh, no. There is no way I would want to live in a jail—luxury or not—much less RAISE MY KIDS THERE. No way.

    I much prefer the Hobbit Mansion. And the yellow submarine house is cute! Not meant for actually living in, but still cute. I could see myself renting it in place of a hotel for a couple of days.
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  4. My neighbor, Noah, started collecting pairs of animals, and loading them onto his Chapel turned Houseboat … Anyone wanna go halfsies on a horse suit? I’ll even take the tail end, ‘cuz 1. I’m built that way, and 2. According to most people, that would be appropriate.

    The Donaldson Mansion is OK, but too old fashioned. I mean, jeez – railings on the stairways? Come on , now! Those things are an accident just waiting not to happen.

    I keep picturing episodes of the The Brady Bunch transferred to ExPrison House. Broke Mom’s Favorite Vase Playing Ball In The House? 2 weeks solitary confinement. Sharpening Your Spoon On The Concrete Floor While Muttering “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?” I’m not sure how to handle that one.

    Why 26 bathrooms? So you never have to run too far to toss your cookies from looking at the decor.

    Thank You, but NO! I already lose too many men to Ice Cream, without it should up its game, and wear the same perfume as me.

    Final link, 2nd para: “Deposit solid human waste…” Shouldn’t that be a little closer to the pic of the guy shoving “something” in the trunk?

    Aren’t you lucky to have a friend with so many opinions, he can afford to share a lot of them with you every week?

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