No lentils in linkity

I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is “Magical, and Some Weird, Home Tours” on tumblr. Brace yourselves! 😉

Harry sitting on top of Mayhem. The “SO DONE” expression on May’s face!

Polly being her usual cute self.

7 thoughts on “No lentils in linkity”

  1. Would rather live in any of the caves than any of the houses, especially with an outdoor shower, aka waterfall.

    Tree Dragon is magnificent! Wouldn’t it be cool if a same sex Albatross couple accidently wound up with a Tree Dragon egg?

    Because nothing’s more arousing than the scent on Lysol on a warm summer’s eve? And thanks for the tips about Vaseline, but can you tell us what he does with his Crisco?

  2. The “art in the time of coronavirus” was a lot more disturbing that I had expected it to be.

    I love the tree dragon! It looks like his little eyes are glowing!

    Most of those houses are a big NO for me, but I could see the fairy tale house being a lot of fun. (Maybe. Also maybe a pain to dust with so much carved and detailed wood.) What I really want is to have a hobbit themed party in the backyard. Or have the gargoyle door guard my office.

    Cute kitties! Though poor May looks a bit squished…
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  3. Yep, feminine hygiene is the first thing I think of when I see a bottle of Lysol.

    I could do the fairy tale house. I’d have a headache in the first one as my eyes/brain could never settle. I’m in the south, the NASCAR one seems pretty normal. 😉

  4. Love the Art in the time of Coronavirus – a bit disturbing but interesting. The caves are magnificent.

    Those houses! My cousin lives in Spokane – I’ll have to ask her about that one! The NASCAR one gave me more of a headache though TBH. All those lifesize cutouts were a little too creepy for me.

  5. Okay the room behind the gargoyle door could be a studio apartment? No kitchen? No bath? No idea of what the electrical is? That is true California land lording at its finest

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