Last linkity of November!

No linkity next week! I’m having surgery Tuesday to remove a (most likely not cancerous) ovarian cyst, plus the ovaries and tubes. Send happy laparoscopic thoughts my way!! (And I am soooo ready to be done with 2021 and all of the health fun it’s brought my way.)

Polly and the Very Dirty Paw.

That bit of vine outside the window torments Harry so!

Sleeping siblings. Awwww!

Harry knows if you’ve been bad or good, apparently.

9 thoughts on “Last linkity of November!”

  1. Hope your surgery goes well! I kinda wish I’d decided to have mine taken out along with the uterus. One less thing to worry about.

    I was hoping the fry-flavored vodka was some kind of joke. Woe.

  2. *happy healthy thoughts* Here’s hoping for a better 2022! (And it’s coming sooner than I usually stop to think about… yikes.)

    I did not know that was how beavers carried their babies either! Though I have seen beavers carrying other things before, so I don’t know why this surprises me.

    <3 Calvin and Hobbes.

    I know that quilt is flat… but I do not believe that the quilt is flat. Wow. (That stitching in that close-up is stunning, too. Really well done.)

    Ugh. You found some cursed food objects this time around. I do not want a Reese's pie OR funfetti candy canes OR fry-flavored vodka OR pumpkin spice ramen OR soup pancakes. In all cases I like each of those things separately, but I do NOT want them together.
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  3. The universe and I agree on very little, other than the fact that I have precious little influence on anything. However, I am going to channel that miniscule chunk of positivity, and send it your way.

    I too am ready to kick 2021 to the curb, but … I just got a text from 2022. “Don wurry, hunty. Itts i.k. imeen o.m. or o.l. !!!! watevr – I’ll be alllll soberdd in time for new years. U can coutn on meeeeeeeeeeee. U know we get to do more lections?
    &^?~~~~~ <—- luk, i drooling he he he!"

    SO at least we know 2022 is a happy drunk. I. Just. Can't. Wait.

    I bought a tee shirt printed with a vortex design similar to that quilt. Unfortunately, where the illusion is trying to go in, my covid weight is going out. Yes, my gut is stronger than a black hole.

    If laughing too much and too hard will not hinder your recovery, and if you have not yet found him, check out bdylanhollis on TikTok. 30 second cooking show featuring vintage kitsch recipes like Bologna Cake 1966 and depression era Fried Crackers from 1931. Spoiler alert: Only one of those is as as bad as it sounds.

  4. Healthy and safe thoughts for the lap <3 And you keep making me want to tumblr again, which I have no time for XD Beavers, tayra, that quilt (& I'm leaving out something – amazing. Fry-flavored vodka – uck. More healthy thoughts…

  5. [Catching up] I hope you are largely recovered from your surgery. It used to take six weeks to feel completely back to normal, but that was in the days when any surgery meant a general anesthetic and a big ol’ incision. I suspect laparoscopic surgery is a much faster recovery.


    As the almost-30-year veteran of a hysterectomy, I predict that you will never miss the parts that are going. After my surgery I told Smokey, “I used to be broken. Now I am fixed.”

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