Linkity’s been boostered

Got my COVID booster on Wednesday and am having the same reaction as I did to the second shot – I’m tired and a little sore and we’ll see how much linkity we end up with this week, eh? (Spoiler: Apparently a lot of linkity!)

Harry upside down cake!

Polly upside down cake – such a little weirdo!

5 thoughts on “Linkity’s been boostered”

  1. Sigh. I would like to get the booster now, but alas, am currently not eligible. But I didn’t have much of a reaction to the Pfizer shots. Just a bit tired, and sore arm, of course.

    Hubby got Moderna, so he’s still good.

  2. Colors of the 1970s: our WI home was built in 1976 — not by us, we are the third owners — and is an homage to 70s colors. Upstairs bathroom and kitchen appliances are harvest gold, Downstairs bathroom, carpet, and wall phone are Avocado, kitchen counter and dial phone (which we ditched in the 90s for a touch-tone) are orange, and the upstairs carpet is a delightful melange of dark brown, baby-shit brown, gold, and pale yellow; you could lose a pizza in that carpet.

  3. Re: Creepiest High Heels Ever?

    These were originally a part of the costumes for the short lived 2018 Revue ” The Rockettes Salute 25 Years of Jurassic Park!”

    I say short lived, but actually it was only one performance. The curtain rose, and with one kick, they took out the first two rows of the audience. After that, the rest of the show was kind of a let down.

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