Linkity, advanced Mayhem mode

“If I hold very still, I’m sure Mom won’t notice me in this box!” -Mayhem

4 thoughts on “Linkity, advanced Mayhem mode”

  1. More Untitled Goose fics! YAY!

    I’ve heard other dystopian authors say the same thing about adding more baking. The only one who got that part right (as far as I am aware) is Naomi Kritzer in her story “So Much Cooking.”

    Huh. With 16 words of the year for 2020, I had expected one of them to be “Dumpster fire.”

  2. The Ed Norton link is going on my blog — thanks! Also the reflection on the 1918 pandemic — thanks again! If I tried those robitic leg shackles I would be in them until I died.

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