In which we find the sock monkey dress

Last night, Jeanne and I stopped at Crafty Planet to scope out their bib yarn, um, I mean Sugar’n’Cream, and what did Jeanne spy in the window but one of the infamous Sock Monkey Dresses! (Hey, you can buy one for a mere $1,500US, MamaTulip!) Jeanne got a great picture of me with the dress, too.

The wonderful (but tragically blogless) RachelH sent me a very cool tin sign – thank you, Rachel! It will be perfect in my kitchen. (Plus it was a great thing to find waiting for me at work on my first day back.)


“The big kitty told me that flashing thing you keep pointing at me will make me go blind, Mom. I’m outta here!”

We haven’t had a Chaos and May size comparison for a while…


*sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*


“I am Mayhem – hear me roar!”

44 thoughts on “In which we find the sock monkey dress”

  1. Agh! Its the sock monkey dress again! Does it ever go away??
    Love the sign.. I’m always on the lookout for cool ‘vintage’ stuff with black cats..

  2. there is something soooo wrong about the sock monkey dress.
    the little kitty will soon be as big as the big kitty.
    it looks like they becoming friends.
    being an aussie, I can confirm that the ‘pink’ tim tams are yummy!

  3. Julia’s standing next to me providing commentary for the pictures:

    Picture #1: Mummy, who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that?

    Picture #2: Look at the kitty!

    Pictures #3 and 4: TWO KITTIES! The two kitties are rolling all over! Awww! It’s a mummy and a daddy kitty! LOOK, MUMMY!

    (The tin sign is VERY COOL.)

  4. Hey Chris- I like the picture of you and the dress- I think someone was really creative to come up with that- it’s just a bit of fun, and sometimes we take our knitting way too seriously.
    Whenever I get frustrated, I try to remind myself that this is a hobby and I’m supposed to be having fun.
    The Chaos/Mayhem picture looks like a giant 8-legged feline.

  5. I won’t embarrass Chaos about his short tail. He’s a guy – he’s supposed to have heft…so his tail can, too! What a cute photo of them together. I LOVE the black cat kitchen tin!!!
    And I won’t “go there” about the sock monkey dress..I just won’t – tho’ the shot of you is good!

  6. Chaos and Mayhem look so cute together! May is getting big. You may already know this, but Michael’s has all their yarn on sale this week and Sugar & Cream is a buck a ball if you’re looking to stock up.

  7. That’s a great picture of you on Jeanne’s blog — but see my comment there.

    Your kitties are so sleek and shiny, the picture of kitty health (shorn butt notwithstanding).

  8. That dress is so goofy! I live only a few blocks from Crafty Planet. Lets just say it is often the direction I head when going out for a walk!

  9. So for that price you snapped up a few of the sock monkey dresses? 😉

    Poor baby! Having a migraine on your last day of vacation. That’s just wrong.

    Mayhem isn’t as big as she thinks she is…

  10. Haha, that dress is hilarious! I’m sending the link to a friend who would have probably bought that for her wedding dress if she had known about it…she’s wild about monkeys, especially sock monkeys. Crazy.

  11. Ack!! It’s the sock monkey dress again! I’d be tempted to wear that to some function if I didn’t have to pay $1500 for the privilege. 🙂 That tin sign is cool.

  12. OMG–I’ve never seen a sock-monkey dress. The sock-monkey as a toy was scary enough!

    I love the good mousekeeping sign–how awesome!

    Nice picture of you. You look good.

  13. oooh–LOVE the sock monkey dress!
    did you try it on? hehhehheh

    how is Chaos feeling? obviously, he must pretend to be completely fit, if for no other reason than to foil Miss May…

  14. How jealous am I that you’ve seen the sock-monkey dress in person? Also, is it weird that the main thing I notice is that all the monkeys have different coloured eyes?

  15. I reckon that a sock monkey dress, if worn, would not be very comfortable to sit on… but then a) who would wear it and b) they would not be the sort of person who sits down anyway cos they would have to show off all night.

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