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Drawing AutismDrawing Autism by Jill Mullen. It was interesting to see the wide variety of art drawn by others on the spectrum and to read their thoughts about their art. But my favorite remains this bit from Temple Grandin’s intro:

Some people who are visual thinkers can do geometry and trigonometry; they possess the second kind of mind: the pattern thinker. Instead of creating photo-realistic pictures in their imaginations, they see patterns and relationships between numbers. It is a more abstract form of visual thinking…. If they do visual art, it may be more abstract and impressionistic, as opposed to photo-realistic.

*thlurrrrp* -Chaos

*purring* -Mayhem

7 thoughts on “Letterpress with linkity”

  1. I haven’t ever told anyone to eat a bag of dicks either.

    That manual elevator thingie is interesting. Can’t see it being used in place of stairs for most places, but it might be useful somewhere where there isn’t room for regular stairs, as an emergency exit, or maybe in a home for someone who is disabled enough that stairs are hard, but can still operate the lift. Creative, anyway.

    A house near me has an awesome smoke-breathing dragon display on their roof. I’ll have to email you a pic.

  2. I can’t wait to see the blue demon horse in Denver at next year’s GRL 🙂 Also, lots of great recipes that are now in my pinterest board. I’d sure love to get some of those watchworks steampunk animals. Something similar was the inspiration for my first tattoo. I of course had to buy it!:D

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