Another Misadventuring fail! Happy (US) Thanksgiving in advance! :)

Congrats to Melandra, who wonร‚ย Out of Time by Clare London!

Congrats to Ardent Ereader, who won Making It Pay by JL Merrow!

I’m feeling better than I did last week – thanks to everyone for their well wishes on Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, I definitely wasn’t feeling sufficiently creative for a Misadventure yesterday. How about an interesting cat picture instead? *looks hopeful*

It probably needs a little explanation. Apparently Chaos had some residual anxiety about me being in pain Wednesday night, then gone, then coming back smelling like the vet hospital. On Thursday, when I was taking a shower, Chaos dragged his favorite fleecy blanket into the bathroom from the kitty room – apparently he needed to be both near me and comfortable/comforted. (The pillow and IKEA big blue bag just got caught in transit through the kitty room – there’s a misplaced kitty scratcher just out of frame, too.)

“Look at how innocent I am! I am so innocent!” -Mayhem

“I regret nothing.” -Chaos

13 thoughts on “Another Misadventuring fail! Happy (US) Thanksgiving in advance! :)”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better than you were, Chris, hope you feel totally better soon.

    The kitties are so sweet being concerned about you, shame they’ve made a mess for you to clear up, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So glad that you are doing better. How sweet of Chaos to want to be with you. Although, we can see through his tough guy facade.

  3. That is so sweet, how they wanted to be with you. Not that you’re ever allowed to go into the bathroom by yourself…

  4. So glad that you are feeling better. Had to laugh when I read that you smelled like the vet!! Vet/hospital, same diff. Poor Chaos really missed you. Cute kitty pics always count!!!

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