Ebook giveaway: Kim Dare’s Resplendence Publishing Gems short stories (8-11 stories, depending) [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Kim Dare for donating ebook copies of the kinky short stories she’s released as part of the Resplendence Publishing Gems imprint:

Hard at Work (freshly released!)
Not One Word
On This Day…
Touching Wood
Squeaky Clean
Home Sweet Home
In the Blink of an Eye
Melting Mr Mowburrey
Admiring Anna (f/f, optional)
Obeying Olivia (m/f, optional)
Warning Wendy (m/f, optional)

Kim’s Other Books

About Kim

Kim is a thirty year old bisexual submissive from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels. Having worked with a host of fantastic e-publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.

While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim’s first love is still, and probably always will be, Male/Male stories. But, no matter what the pairing, from paranormal to contemporary, and from the sweet to the intense, everything she writes will always feature three things – Kink, Love and a Happy Ending.

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  1. Please count me in the contest. I love her stories. 🙂
    My email… JPM6966 at aol dot com
    The kitty could be my Mom’s cat, Bella’s, twin. We see this sight regularly at her house.

    I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Just wanted to say how much I love Kim’s books. Don’t count me in – I already have them all!

  3. *Jumping up and down waving hand* Me, me, please count me in! I love Kim Dare.
    Don’t you just love the way black kitties all but disappear except for the eyes?

  4. May is looking very mysterious there….. On the verge of being naughty perhaps? Many thanks to Kim for her donation as these stories look tantalizing and I ssssoooo hope I win!

  5. May must be the Cheshire Cat because that box clearly shows it’s going up and May’s eyes are floating in the opposite direction. Tricky head turns are a Cheshire specialty.

  6. Thank you for a chance to win these books, awesome 🙂 Come into my lair said the cat to the mouse…

  7. Ooo – Mayhem, are you being a bad kitty? Santa Cat does not visit bad kitties, you know!

    (count me in, too, please:)

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