Just another Random Wednesday

SRP update: Dating Can Be Murder by Jennifer Apodaca, 275 pages. Obviously inspired by the success of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, but not as well-written or clever. I got the book for $0.69+tax at the thrift store and it was worth every penny. 🙂

Jeanne’s been knitting bibs, bibs, bibs, too! Her four cats were just as unimpressed by bib modeling as Chaos was, but Jeanne might have the only “color true” picture of a Countryside Ombre bib in existence. Sydney (July 5 entry) had the same problem I did getting a decent picture of that color.

Mouse sent me some wonderful stitchmarkers! Her fimo stitchmarkers are extremely cute and clever – you can see them at her new store, Mousie Masala. Check out the the little red mouse, mini-mini Chaos, and tiny red tuna!

The markers received the Furry Black Paw of Approval.

I finished another bib. (Um, is anyone at all surprised?! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) This one’s from Sugar’n’Cream color “Playtime,” although I think the color looks more like a tropical sunset.

Chaos quickly took action to prevent any bib modeling.

“Hee hee. I am so tricky!”

32 thoughts on “Just another Random Wednesday”

  1. must… resist… rubber… duckies…

    of course, it helps if i remind myself that i very rarely actually USE stitch markers. but they are so cute…

  2. Hey Chris- you want a laugh? I went to school with a guy named Bueller- only it was Tod. He used to snap my brastrap in class and the teacher would yell “BUELLER”!!!
    Those stitch markers are pure genius!

  3. I got the Ice Cream markers and a set of Sheep. I loves them I do. And hopefully, will get them tonight.

    The bib is quite lurvely. I broke down and ordered the MDK book. Seeing all your bibs and all the washcloths in blogland, weakened me.

    I. Am. So. Weak.

  4. Uh oh, just when I was resisting the call of bib knitting, you’ve got another one. I see Chaos is getting wise to the bib modeling. 🙂 Nice stitch markers!

  5. I’m thinking I might have to get on this bib band-wagon. I’ve got so many pregos all ready to pop around me!

  6. Okay, I’m buying yarn for bibs tomorrow. You’re such a bad influence. But it’ll be useful to have them around for last-minute baby gifts, right? What buttons are you using? (Do buttons come in standard sizes? I don’t even know.) I’m picturing coordinating sets of bibs with a cotton kimono from Mason-Dixon… cute.

    And the stitch markers! Adorable!

  7. Love the bibs, I finally broke down and ordered the MDK book too. Between Cara’s log cabin fever and your bib madness, I was wanting it badly.
    The stitch markers are adorable and I’m very glad to see that Chaos is putting his paw down as far as the bib modeling goes…

  8. Those stitch markers are far too cute to be allowed.

    I love the bib. I’m tempted to make a few but, alas, I have no babies near and dear to me. Squirt’s mummy already has a million bibs.

  9. beautiful stitchmarkers and bib! Her ‘Mouse Masala’ logo is very inventive! One of my girls found the critter blanket I was just fnishing and said ‘big toy!’ uh oh.. need to knit another one for her now 🙂

  10. Great bib, as usual. Perhaps this road trip is the right time to break down and knit one or two. Do you think I could talk my sister into picking out and putting on buttons and then I could send them home with her to give to the new mom with both or our names on them??? Hmmmm….

  11. Glad to hear your SIL is doing ok. That accident sounds horrific. That was good to know about the book by Jennifer Apodaca. I have that book too, but have yet to read it. That’s not making me want to read it, but then I got it for a minimal price, so I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I got rid of it for that price.

  12. Now those are cute stitch markers! How Chaos doesn’t have the most inflated ego from all the markers, buttons, Mini-Mes, etc. made in his image is beyond me… (live it up Dude, sez Atticus).

    Another funky bib!

  13. Lots of people want the stitchmarkers but me, colour-ho that I am, I just want some of that yarn! We don’t get it here. It’s cheap kitchen cotton, isn’t it? We only have boring crochet cotton in granny colours and fine. Blah.

  14. Oh, you’re right —-those colors are my favorites – orange and pink!!!!

    Who is the intended recipient of all those bibs?

    Love your new blog!!!!!

  15. Good job Chaos!

    Very cute stitch markers, too.

    I am about to join the bib knitting frenzey, Hubby’s cousin’s wife is due in October . . . wow, I could knit a LOT of bibs by then. LOL

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