Ebook Giveaway: A Tempting Distraction (Lost Shifters) by Stephani Hecht [CONTEST CLOSED]

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Many thanks to Stephani Hecht for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming paranormal m/m romance, A Tempting Distraction (The Lost Shifters, Book 7), for a lucky commenter to win! A Tempting Distraction will be released by eXtasy Books on November 15.

Hawk shifter Garrett has never been one to deny himself what he wants. So when he sees the newest addition to the feline coalition, a cute tiger shifter named Owen, Garrett doesn’t hesitate to make sure they end up in bed. Garrett only plans on keeping the encounter a one-time experience though. Commitments aren’t something he does and just because Owen is hot, great in the sack and charming isn’t going to change things. Despite his resolve, however, Garrett finds that one taste of Owen is not enough, which just confuses the hell out of Garrett since they couldn’t be more different. Where Garrett is all business and serious, Owen is a hacker who dyes his hair in wild colors and dresses like a punk. Most importantly, Garrett is a Hawk and Owen a Tiger and the two rarely mate.

Just reunited with his coalition, Owen has never known any kind of loving relationship. Raised by a cruel foster father, the only thing Owen ever learned was how to be a thief and a hacker. So when he finds himself thrust into the coalition and stuck with an overprotective older brother, Owen can’t help but feel lost. The only bright spot in his life is Garrett. While Owen realizes that Garrett plans on keeping their encounter a one-time event, a part of him hopes that the Hawk will eventually want more.

Then Owen makes a stupid mistake that puts not only himself, but the rest of the coalition in danger. As Garrett realizes that he may lose Owen, he knows that nothing will stop him from saving the Tiger, even if he has to sacrifice himself in order to do so.

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About Stephani

Stephani Hecht is a happily married mother of two. Born and raised in Michigan, she loves all things about the state, from the frigid winters to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. Go Wings! You can usually find her snuggled up to her laptop, creating her next book or gorging on caffeine at her favorite coffee shop.

When she’s not running around like crazy, trying to get her kids to their various activities, she’s working on numerous projects.

You can visit Stephani at her blog or her website.

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  1. I really want to read this one. Have read the whole series and can’t wait for Owen’s HEA!! Please count me in. So Mayhem, i would appreciate a bit of your charm and luck!!

  2. OMG i can’t wait for this! Enter me chris pleaseeeee ENTER ME!!

    Ohh I like the new look, its easier to navigate!

  3. I’m entering the contest.

    I look forward in reading this. Stephani Hecht’s works are great.

  4. Ohhh very good idea!!!! Kitties are soo smart!
    Mommy would never want to close you up in there and take you away. So if you just sit and stare at her and sometimes let that ……mmmmeeeeeoooo…… out (you know that deep little meow you have to scare your prey)… She may back off!

    Hugs Chris! Monday is over… Tuesday is gone… and Wednesday is fast approaching… which means Friday will be here soon!
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  5. Makes grabby hands… me want the book… I’ll take the kitty but the book would be my first choice.

  6. Am tempted to put my name in the hat, but am wondering whether I should start at the beginning? What do you think?

    May – that is one cunning plan! Just make sure you come out at meal times 🙂
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  7. Go for it, May! Keep your mom at home. 🙂

    And bird shifters sound cool, but pairing them with cats is just asking for trouble.

  8. wow!!! a new book for lost shifters… I was wanting to read owen’s story. please count me in too. TIA 🙂

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