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Ebook giveaway: First Kiss (The Looking Glass #2) by Penny Brandon [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Penny Brandon for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming m/m paranormal romance, First Kiss (The Looking Glass #2), for a lucky commenter to win! First Kiss will be released May 20 by Loose Id.

The second Brenn saw Joey’s image in the magic mirror, he was hooked. The moment he saw him in real life, Brenn knew Joey was going to be his forever. Joey was flirty, and fun, and he had the most gorgeous smile, but then Joey told him he was dying. Though devastated, Brenn didn’t want to give up on Joey, so he offered to look after him and make his last few days as comfortable as possible, but was that going to be enough when all Brenn really wanted was for Joey to live?

Brenn was everything Joey could have wished for; strong, built, and with amazing eyes, and Brenn was in love with him. That would have given Joey something to live for, if it hadn’t been too late. He had about three weeks left, but that didn’t seem to matter to Brenn. Brenn wanted to take him home, and Joey was willing to go with him, but on two conditions. He wanted Brenn to make love to him before he died, but no kissing.

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About Penny

Penny’s been a lover of books since before she could read and a maker of stories before she knew how to talk properly, so it was only natural that she started writing when she could hold a pen. From fairytales to teenage romances to the hot, erotic stories she writes now, she’s always held the same belief; to love what she puts down on paper. Which means she doesn’t love cooking, cleaning or weeding the garden. She does, however, love to travel and has lived in England and Ireland and now resides in Australia, where she intends to stay and discover all that she can of this beautiful country. Find out more about Penny and her books at her blog, Facebook, and Loose Id author page.

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Congrats to Tracy F, who won A Life Without You (Boston Boys #1) by Erica Pike!

Congrats to Elisheva CN, who won The Yearning by AJ Rose! The Yearning is being released today by MLR Press.




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Reading Update
Something Different by S.A. Reid. ebook. Excellent m/m romance about a guy in a loveless marriage who’s merely going through the motions of life. When he goes to the park in search of a prostitute because he desperately needs something different to happen in his life, he’s surprised yet strangely intrigued to be picked up by a young man. (Because this story starts with infidelity, it isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste.)
Texas Winter (Texas #2) by RJ Scott. ebook. Very good m/m romance continuing the story of Jack and Riley, in which Riley gets some life-changing news.
Academic Pursuits by Lou Harper. ebook. arc. Very good humorous m/m romance about a slutty but goodhearted college student who’s just realizing that his habit of seducing straight guys has gotten him a bit of a reputation. Maybe it’s time for a change…
Tomfoolery by Lou Harper. free ebook short. arc. Cute free short paranormal m/m romance about a computer programmer who thinks he’s going crazy because his stuff isn’t in exactly the same place when he gets home from work as when he left in the morning…
Permanently Legless by JL Merrow. ebook short. Funny yet sweet short m/m romance about a guy who came back from Afghanistan without his legs and runs into a gorgeous young man he’d screwed right before shipping out.
After Dark (After #1) by Luisa Prieto. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about a guy who’s unable to mourn his brother’s death for various reasons – particularly since his brother doesn’t seem to be completely dead…
After Midnight (After #2) by Luisa Prieto. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance continuing the story of the mage and the werewolf started in After Dark. Please note that this ends with a mild cliffhanger and the next book is still in draft form. Also, Luisa is working on revised and expanded versions of this and the first book.
Choices by Penny Brandon. ebook. Good m/m romance about a guy who’s shown the love of his life in a magical mirror and is shocked to discover that the love of his life is a man, seeing as he isn’t gay…
Relearning the Ropes by DC Juris. ebook short. Good short kinky m/m romance about a dom who inherits a fulltime sub when his friend dies and finds he has to reevaluate how he deals with the young man. This really needed to be longer for the amount of potential story!
Deconstruction by Kit Zheng. ebook. Good kinky m/m mystery about a stripper who lives with his cop boyfriend and turns tricks on the side to help make the mortgage. But things aren’t going the greatest for them right now as secrets build up between them…
All Bets Are Off by Marguerite Labbe. ebook. Good m/m romance about a college professor who gets involved with a student before he knows the guy is a student. Will he be able to resist temptation as his department head tries to get rid of him and someone keeps rummaging through his stuff? I’m not exactly sure why, but I never got emotionally invested in this book.
Broken by Jessica Freely. ebook. Good m/m romance about a naive, closeted, yaoi-loving enforcer who works for his mobster brother. Things start to fall apart for him when he becomes entranced by a prostitute his brother has just purchased from China.

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