Chaos and the snack sheep

Wow – I ordered my water bottle from JamTots in Vancouver, BC, last Friday and it arrived Monday! Kudos to JamTots for that and for their great communication – I pointed them to Bethe’s post about discovering her sheepy water bottle was a bit risque; they were amused and a bit chagrined, as they hadn’t noticed that little detail.

“What’s this on the cat tree?!” -Chaos

“Yum, it’s covered with snack sheep!” -Chaos

“Although… darn it, those aren’t real snack sheep.” -Chaos

“I shall now sit here and be annoyed that there are fake snack sheep on the cat tree.” -Chaos

32 thoughts on “Chaos and the snack sheep”

  1. I have a giraffe mug that I bought at Room and Board (early ’80s) with similar frivolity. They had a whole line of different animals. When I realized what I had I went back to see if all the animals were R rated and they had been pulled. You’d think the wholesalers might mention it.

  2. I’ve been shopping for an aluminum water bottle for quite a while (you’d think I would’ve pulled the trigger by now….) and now I’ve got another one to add to my list of water bottles that I would carry proudly.
    Thanks for the link – It’s great!

  3. Well, I for one can’t imagine selling something and not looking closely enough at the product to notice sheepy hijinks…

    Ah well. Poor Chaos, though, for not getting real snack sheep.

  4. Oooh! There’s nothing more maddening than expecting a nice treat of snack sheep only to find out that they’re fake.

    So did you get the porno sheep water bottle?

  5. Oh. My. I’m glad Chaos is annoyed rather than shocked. I’m sure being “fixed” he can’t imagine what all the tittering fuss is about.

    I wonder if they are really out of stock, or if they decided to pull them after you pointed out the sheepy hijinks. The expressions on the “couple’s” faces are what really caught my attention. The female looks a little too surprised.

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