‘Nipped and curled

After seeing a picture of the Dream Curl scratcher on Modern Cat, I knew we needed one around here. On Friday, I found a SmartyKat ScratchScroll at Target (although neither SmartyKatWorldwise nor Target has this item on their websites). I doused it with ‘nip when I got home, and I think it was a hit. 😉

*love* -Mayhem

*love* -Chaos

*sniff sniff sniff* -Mayhem

*love* -Chaos

“Whoa! That’s some good shit!” -Mayhem

*love* -Chaos

“Whoa!” -Mayhem

*love* -Chaos

“Now I have serious munchies, big kitty dude.” -Mayhem

“Me, too, Mayhem. Some tuna pizza would really hit the spot.” -Chaos

38 thoughts on “‘Nipped and curled”

  1. Man, those are some FUNNY pictures! I love May’s, uh, spacey eyes in the 3rd pic, and Chaos’ love-in with the Dream Curl.

    I’ve got to check and see if I can find one of those.

  2. How about some gluten-free beer to go with that tuna pizza? (BTW, I almost ordered a pizza with tuna and raisins on it when I was at a Pizza Hut in Aruba.)

    P.S. I must resist this new lounger until the old one has been shredded.

    P.P.S. Kudos for the totally inspired post title.

  3. I want one too, that looks like fun! We just bought one of our kitties a new toy only to discover that the intended recipient wants nothing to do with it. Surprisingly our 20+ year old kitty went nuts over it.

  4. LOL! I’d say the ScratchScroll is a hit. Those are some ‘nipped out kitties. Now that it has the Chaos-Mayhem seal of approval, I may have to get one.

  5. Typical buttoned down male, gets all cuddly and lovey smashed.

    That’s what I forgot! Hez’s Dream Curl pix. She liked hers too but I think she’ll really like it tonight when I douse it in nip.

  6. Ach…can’t….stop….laughing…..I was informed about this “contributing to the delinquency of minor kitties” her on your blog after posting about The Meezer’s single party tonight!

    Your’s is a MUCH funnier post! They look positively STONED…and I’ve got to get my girls one of those curlique thingys!

  7. I see a trip to Target in my future. Although, as much as Socks and Mittens love their cardboard bed/scratcher thing, they do not care at all about catnip.

  8. I want one of those… like a yoga tool or torture device or something, though I don’t know if I can look as blissful as your kitties… you must give them some good stuff. THREE HUNDRED POUNDS for stillettos? Even if they are cat shoes, yikes! And I actually kind of like those clown vomit socks. Wouldn’t necessarily want those colors across my chest, but on my feet’d be fine!

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