Ebook Giveaway: Trinity Trespass by Val Kovalin [CONTEST CLOSED]

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Many thanks to Val Kovalin for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming paranormal m/m romance, Trinity Trespass, for a lucky commenter to win! Trinity Trespass will be available from Loose Id on August 31.

A secret war rages throughout the southwestern USA and Mexico between demons and angels, all of whom are trying to pass for human. For Parnell, a demon living in Las Vegas NV, survival depends upon following orders and resisting the allure of any relationship that might bind him to another in sexual slavery.

In his competitive world, he regards other demons such as his lover Navarro as potential opponents. As for the angels, he knows them as the Enslavers whose evil nature compels them to exploit the drug trade in Mexico. When Navarro and Parnell go to the no-man’s land of New Mexico to capture a renegade angel-demon hybrid named Chavez, the three of them enter an uneasy triangle of sexual attraction.

Chavez hopes to seize psychic power on the auspicious day of Easter and use it to kill his master. Parnell and Navarro must prevent this or face death and the return of their souls to Hell. To save himself, Parnell must decide whom to trust, whom to kill, and whether he can find the strength to give his heart to another.


About Val

I started by reviewing m/m gay romance fiction, which led me to writing it, but I’m definitely a reader at heart. I love analyzing fiction, which makes reviewing a favorite hobby. I review with Reviews by Jessewave and for the All Romance Ebooks newsletter. I publish m/m fiction with Loose Id and Amber Allure. As a reviewer, I know not every reader likes every book, so I’m okay with negative reactions to my work. I like humor, strong plots, and complicated characters, and hope to offer you the same. I also like miniatures, minimalism, unusual junk, and animals of all sizes, especially reptiles. Thanks for reading!

You can visit Val at her blog and at her website.

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34 thoughts on “Ebook Giveaway: Trinity Trespass by Val Kovalin [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Well, I’m yet to try a book with m/m threesome. Why not to do it in a big style with demons and angels :)?

  2. Love the blurb Val has posted for this one, and a m/m paranormal is one of my all time favorite genres, so please count me in.

  3. I love paranormal stories and this sounds super entertaining. Perhaps May and my Miranda can have a paw licking contest? It will be a close call on who lasts longest.

  4. I’m commenting from CDT, which I find more entertaining than I probably ought. Does commenting from the same timezone convey any extra luck? Please count me in!

  5. OMG! I almost missed this post! This sounds fabulous! Please enter me, and give the kitties a good ear scratching.

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