Ebook Giveaway: The Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Kathy K, who won the copy of From Afar by Ava March!

Many thanks to Eden Winters for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming m/m romance, The Angel of 13th Street, for one lucky reader to win! (This book will be released May 12.)

The Angel – that’s what the young hustlers call Noah Everett, the man who’ll help them get off the streets. Once one of them, he doesn’t take his own good advice: “Don’t let this ruin your life.” Haunted by those he couldn’t save, Noah keeps others at bay, until his self-imposed loneliness is shattered by determined, ambitious, but homeless eighteen year old Jeremy Kincaid.

A ruthless pimp has targeted Jeremy, but if Noah will fight to get anonymous young men out of the life, he’ll fight harder to keep Jeremy from getting in, even if it means a return to old stomping grounds to make a deal with the devil. To save Jeremy, he risks more than just his body: he risks his soul as well, because Willie Carnell, pimp, was once Billy Cordell, Noah’s lover.

About Eden

Our heroine sits quietly in her cube, just one of many, typing, filing, and breaking the occasional nail, hiding her true identity beneath her clever disguise of nerdy glasses and business suits (with sensible shoes!). Frantic eyes watch the clock as she waits impatiently for the ruse to end and her true calling to begin.

With eager anticipation she drives her average car to her average home, and eats her average (vegetarian and completely healthy!) meal alone. The minutes tick by, and when the sun finally sets she leaps tall sofas in a single bound, shedding her disguise to take on her true super heroine persona! Is she in such a rush to save the world? Save the city? Save the neighbor’s kitten from a tree! No! She liberates her laptop from the evil clutches of arch villain, Hall Closet, and flings it open to free the worlds hiding within its depths. There are lonely werewolves searching desperately for mates, spoiled rich boys just waiting for her gentle caress of the keyboard to create someone who’ll truly understand them, and futuristic soldiers, gunning across the universe to save the men they love… No scenario is too bizarre! A time traveling pirate? No problem! Violin playing specter haunting a Scottish castle? You betcha!

When she’s not busily creating happy-ever-afters for fictional hotties, our heroine enjoys music, the great outdoors, and cruising down the highway on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Contest Rules

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  • This contest is open worldwide!

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  1. Congrats to Kathy K.! Please throw my name in the hat Chris, Eden’s book sounds really good.

    Chaos: upside down people are very cool. 🙂

  2. This book sounds wonderful. Don’t add me as a contestant though, I’d rather buy this one. Support and all that. 🙂

  3. Silly kittie… tricks are for… well… tricks are for kitties who want catnip!!!

    Count me in!

    Hope your day is going great honey!

  4. This sounds great. Count me in.

    Chaos, is it possible that you get sillier each day? 🙂

  5. Definitely count me in. I really like the sound of this.

    And I love when cats do this. They look so loving….up until they fall off of wherever they’re being cutesy…and then pretend like it was someone else who fell.

  6. Congrats Kathy!

    Oh, this sounds like one of those books that is going to grip me at the beginnning and not let me go. Can you please enter me?

    Chaos – we all need to be as flexible as you 🙂
    .-= orannia´s last blog ..Books 2010: April Update =-.

  7. This one sounds like a good story with many layers. I’d like to check this one out.

  8. Please count me in. Lurving the silly black kitties…too bad they don’t come with the book…but then my own kitty may not be too happy about that

  9. Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the response! I really hope you like book. Chris, thanks for posting this and your kitties are adorable. I read about how Chaos entered your life and went “awwwww….”

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