So apparently cats don’t react well to being told “No ducklings for you!”

“I’ll get you, Mom, and your little dog Toto, too!” -Chaos

But… I don’t even have a little dog Toto!

Kmkat is having a captioning contest featuring a picture of Chaos (and 9/10ths of me!). Leave your captions by midnight CDT, March 21, for your chance to win “something fibery and something chocolatey.”

Knitnana is having a contest/vote to select a closure for the new KnitPicks Options case she’s designed (which is the prize in the contest). More details on her blog; the contest closes midnight EDT, March 21.

The Purling Dervish is looking at a possible career change – leave her a comment (by 4 pm PDT, March 22) suggesting a possible new career for her (you can be as off-the-wall as you’d like) and you could win assorted fibery goodies.

Wendy’s giving away a skein of Wollmeise to someone who’s Wollmeiseless. Contest closes 4 pm EDT, March 20.

33 thoughts on “So apparently cats don’t react well to being told “No ducklings for you!””

  1. Heh, Chaos looks so confused under that ottoman! Like he doesn’t know whether to be the brave man-cat about the house, curious, or just plain freaked…

  2. Dear Chaos, duckies have lots of little bones and a gamey taste. But Easter is coming up and maybe you’ll get a really yummy treat!

  3. Have you ever had him shaved to look for a little 666 tattoo? 😀 I think the fear of what a cranky cat would do to me in my sleep is the only thing that keeps me from torturing mine like I do the dogs.

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