Can’t blog – catscanning

So I decided to join LibraryThing and I even ordered a barcode scanner to make things easy.

The barcode scanner is shaped like a cat.

“Um, Mom, that’s not what cats are shaped like. Trust me on this one.” -Mayhem

“They couldn’t make this thing black?” -Chaos

Nom nom nom – at least its alleged tail is tasty!” -Mayhem

“Really, this would look so much better as a black cat…” -Chaos

39 thoughts on “Can’t blog – catscanning”

  1. Oh this looks like fun… now I need to get my dad to do this library thingy (he has an estimated 6000-7500 books).

    Maybe we should ask the Ravelry team to make their site compatible as well… to scan balls of yarn hehehe.

    Cheers Eva

  2. Oh, that’s so cool!!! I have to look into that. I can see how the barcode would be totally addictive!

    Don’t know if I’d have over 500, but I’d bet pretty close…

  3. You’d think with all the hip hardware design out there these days they’d have managed something better. But at least the packaging appears to have cats on it – or is that one of your books?

  4. I have one of those things but still, the thought of having to take 2,969 books off the shelf to scan in their barcodes, look them up online, and add the books to my “library” is just too scary a prospect!

    And, of course, the cat-scanner looks more like a cat when you can see its head….

  5. you gotta barcode the kitties, i know they’ve always wanted to pretend they were packages of nutter butters at the grocery store and get scanned in…

    i could be wrong

  6. Mayhem has an oral fixation. But I know that isn’t news to you!

    I like Knitnana’s idea of making the Cat Scanner Siamese (less work than making it black, and after all, you have two black cats already!) A little Sharpie magic to the ears & toes & there you are. Raaaawr!

  7. Wow. A cat-shaped scanner. What WILL they think of next?

    I still get a fatal error when I try to go to Library Things. It kind of creeps me out, what with the whole fatal part and all.

  8. “Hello, my name is Mayhem and I’m a chronic chewer.”

    “Welcome, Mayhem, to your first meeting at Chronic Chewers Anonymous. All cords of the world thank you for taking this first important step.”

    Not that I believe May thinks she has a problem…

  9. well…. my own personal barcode scanner might be enough to overcome my laziness. I think being a librarian makes me even less willing to type info about my books into LibraryThing, since we always either import or scan our data.

  10. Wow, over 700!! You’ve been busy! My question is, how do you manage to store books AND yarn??? A lot of my books have gone to Magers and Quinn since I’ve gotten into knitting, just for the space.

  11. What a great idea! With a barcode reader, I might actually use something like Library Thing. I agree with Mayhem, though. It looks more like a ferret. πŸ˜‰

  12. I’ve not been keeping my Library Thing up to date. I thought I’d keep it and Shelfari going for a while but I guess Shelfari won out for me. But, we had software before for cataloging books, movies, and music and it works with the cuecat. I think I might need to order one…

  13. So your ‘catscanning’ brought right to mind this danish tv series I’m so totally in love with, where in the first episode they talk about catscans (my knowledge of Danish is now expanded to ‘ctskanning’, ‘come back’, ‘tak’=thanks). Oh, it’s ‘The Kingdom’, very twisted, a little dark, and very hilarious.

  14. Oh come on. You aren’t going to just hand enter them like me and take forever getting them all entered so that it looks like you only have a small number of books and NOT the boxes and boxes of them that are really sitting in storage?

  15. Wow, you are serious abou this book cataloging thing. Your very own barcode scanner; I am impressed πŸ™‚ Look me up sometime @ LibraryThing, I’m kmkat there, too. I don’t use it to catalog my library, though, I start a new account each year to keep track of what I read. This year I have two accounts, one for stuff I’ve read and the other for Did Not Finish.

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