Ebook Giveaway: Three Minute Man by Kim Dare [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to author Kim Dare for donating a copy of her kinky romance, Three Minute Man, for me to give away to one lucky reader!

Three minutes doesn’t give Ian much time to prove he’s the dominant that Susan had given up on ever finding, but it’s amazing what the right man can do in three minutes!

Ian had plans for the submissive he’d seen playing casual games with other dominant men in the local leather bars, but she disappeared off the kinky scene before he had a chance to claim her. When he finds her working in a speed dating club, he’s determined not to let her slip through his fingers again.

Susan made a conscious decision to give up on the lifestyle. She’s not going to change her mind just because some dominant strolls into her life and starts snapping his fingers. The fact that Ian calls to the very part of her that she’s been trying to repress for the last eighteen months isn’t important. She’s not going back on her decision.

Unfortunately for Susan, she’s never been able to resist a bet – not when there’s more than money at stake.

Says Kim about Three Minute Man:

I’m 26 years old, from Wales, UK. I’m a full time writer, and apparently incapable of resisting writing books to fit a certain kind of title.

The Perfect Timing series came about because, for reasons I’ve never quite been able to work out, I ended up writing about half a dozen books in a row that all revolved around the many and varied ways timing can make or break a relationship.

I figured that anyone reading them would either think I was obsessed with time or working on some sort of themed collection. The second option made me look a bit saner than the former, and so the series was born. For reasons that probably seemed good at the time, I decided there should be twelve books in the series. So I needed a few more than I had.

As soon as I started digging around in the back of my mind for a timely sort of title, Three Minute Man jumped out at me. I couldn’t resist. This book is the direct result of me giving in to that temptation.

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