Shouldn’t she be weaned by now?!?

Holly’s having a destashing contest –leave her a comment about your favorite fictional or autobiographical book and you could win some lovely laceweight mohair. Contest closes midnight PST, January 27.

Sallee’s having a contest to celebrate her blogiversary – leave her a comment explaining why you think she should select a particular color combination for a fair isle hat and you could win. Contest closes 5 pm EST, January 27.

Emily’s having her first baby and you can participate in the baby pool! Send your guess by February 8, 2008. Do not despair, you non-knitters out there – prizes will be “Regular” (for non-knitters) or “Extra Fiber” (for knitters). (And thanks to Emily for the link that proves there really is a kids’ book for everything!)

Maryse sent up the bat signal because Elisa needs our help. Her dad’s recuperating from a stroke in a VA hospital, with very little support from his family. Maryse is collecting 8″ afghan squares for an afghan to let Elisa’s dad know he hasn’t been forgotten.

Mayhem will be two years old at the end of May. Shouldn’t she be weaned by now?!

*purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* -Mayhem

Let’s not even get into the biological impediments here…

“Let’s not. I love my kitten! Well, usually at least. Her teeth can be awfully sharp sometimes.” -Chaos