Bracing for brrrrr!

Valerie of Knitting in Pink has moved her blog because bloglines hasn’t been picking up her old blog for the past month or so. Stop by and visit her at her new location – and welcome to WordPress, Valerie! 🙂

Although I’m happy and productive (i.e., not slipping into SAD), I sure can’t come up with much of anything to blog about, beyond the fact that the high here on Saturday is going to be 0°F (no idea what the windchill will be). Knitting’s moving slowly. I have a project that’s keeping me busy while I’m at work. I moved the Feliway diffuser so it isn’t jammed behind the entertainment center; it seems to be diffusing now, although I haven’t noticed any changes yet. I bought a white noise machine for my downstairs neighbor, thanks to a suggestion from Michaele – hopefully that does the trick, eh?

Here’s another, more artistic bunny thumpers shot of Chaos. (Do you think it’s suitable for Playcat?)

“…zzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

“Mom said we can’t open the windows until spring. Do you think spring is tomorrow, big kitty?” -Mayhem

“…zzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

36 thoughts on “Bracing for brrrrr!”

  1. It is a lot easier to come up with creative blog posts when one can get out and about town to find purple buildings while not also freezing the camera’s inner workings or your fingers.

  2. Make sure to bring a camera tomorrow so we can take pictures of each other and our knitting for some day next week when we’re REALLY out of stuff to blog about!

  3. Well, I wondered what had happened to Valerie!

    Chaos & Mayhem are getting ready for Purrr!

    Ozzie sleeps like that all the time – may have to get a picture – he’s so fat the kids call him Jabba the Pup.

  4. The high here on Saturday is predicted to be somewhere between -3 and 0, depending on which forecaster you listen to. I’m hoping for 0….

  5. 0 degrees F??? Um…checking celsius…eeep, that’s -18C…Yikes. We’re only getting to -10C on Sunday. Good time to snuggle with the guys.

    Speaking of white noise… I sleep with a fan on (directed away, of course) year round. Can’t sleep without it.


  6. We had snow yesterday but it was too warm for it to stick around. It’s getting colder here over the weekend but not that cold. May, I don’t think you want the windows open right now. Chaos has the right idea!

  7. Stay warm and cozy!
    I don’t think Chaos will appreciate that photo, but it is very cute.
    May has quite a case of cabin fever for an indoor kitty.

  8. Your kitty commentary is the best ever. I love it.

    Chris, I am pestered by SAD every winter too. I’m having an especially bad bout this year, what do you usually do? And ‘grats that you aren’t troubled by it this year.

  9. I think that Chaos is lucky that while he was posing for the bunny thumper shot, he wasn’t attacked by Mayhem. When one of mine are sound asleep with belly up, the other one likes to pounce!

  10. Hey there, and Happy New Year to you! Ah, the kitties are still as fabulous and hilarious as ever. BTW, regarding your last post. Felix still thought he could fit into a cardboard box that woulda’ been fine when he was a kitten. Watching him get stuck and seeing that box sliding across the floor was priceless! I got up close to take a pic to post, and he scratched me, out of embarrassment and irritation. I’ve respected his wishes, but it was still funny!

  11. Very artistic shot indeed 🙂 Cute relaxed kitties. We finally had a little snow here last night but it melted when it hit the ground. The air was full of the sound of ‘falling sugar’ with the tiny ice crystals hitting the cedar branches outside our house. It really was a beautiful thing to listen to even if we didn’t get any accumulation on the ground. Here’s hoping your cabin fever lets loose soon!

  12. Lol, about the cat bed being discovered ny the cat. I bought a small bed for the cat, first set it next to the dog’s bed in the bedroom seeing she tries to sleep on the dogs bed with the dog (dog so not into that). But she would not use it. So she started sleeping under our bed, so i placed it under there, not sure if she has ever been in it though. I also set out boxes for her but she didn’t seem interested in them. Hmmm… is this stalker kitty not a typical kitty? She did just jump onto the table a bit ago to say hello and landed on the 1/3 finished puzzle and it and her skidded….puzzle just repaired, phew!

    I have been thinking of getting a white noise machine for hubby for sleeping. Let me know what you end up thinking of it!

  13. It’s so sad that Chaos can’t relax.

    What’s the Feliway for? I have a kitty who is turning into The Urinator and someone said a Feliway would help. I’m wondering if the person is nuts.

  14. That arctic air is moving thru your area down to us, too, and we’re due for more snow and more…and more…
    (I loves me some snow)
    May – in winters it’s too cold for kitties without enough body fat to stay warm. Not many birds to watch, either. Stay snuggled to Chaos…and zzzzzzzz.

  15. He he he, thinking about you sneaking up on unsuspecting cats taking a nap 😉

    I have given you a little award on my blog, because I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog (even though I don’t always comment!). You and your kitties rule!

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