Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Twelfth: Guys in Ties*)

Meet Tie Guy (on the right below). His impeccable professional image has been invaluable for him in his

and has contributed to his reputation as a

. Deal closers look a little lonely, don’t they? But wait, he found another headless torso to keep him company! Probably headless torsos can’t get into too much trouble, right?

Apparently I spoke too soon… Um, Tie Guy? What happened to your nice torso friend and why do you have this partial lady tied up?!

And why are you taking off your suit at the garage? Was your credit card declined or something?! (But hey, more complete bodies with every picture! Woot!)

(Okay… I don’t know about you, but this wasn’t the face I was expecting on Tie Guy’s torso.) Look out, Tie Guy – that lady does not look happy. At all. And hey, another guy in a tie! You’ll see him in a future Misadventures post. ­čÖé

Now here’s where things get a bit dicey. I think the guy on the left below is Tie Guy, sans tie (and apparently unwilling to go back to TorsoLand, preferring to, um, hang out with the guys and the partial blond lady).

If you agree that’s Tie Guy, then this is probably Tie Guy, too… right? Pay very close attention to his jawline. There will be a test.

Were you paying attention? Time for that test. Do you think the torso and jaw on the left below belong to a slightly faded Tie Guy? Now scroll back up to that Four Play cover and look at his jaw in that picture. I’ll wait… Got an eyeful? Good. So, guy on the right? I think it’s Tie Guy, too.

And if you agree that the guy on the right above is Tie Guy, then the guy on the right below is also Tie Guy.

Now, scroll back to the Table for Three. Picture it as a mirror image, then add an exuberant redhead, blond hair, and, um, faery wings. Yes?

Oh, Tie Guy, the shame!

So, do you agree or disagree that these are all the same guy? Discuss and feel free to speculate wildly.

“Mom, nothing really matters except that I am starving to death here. I’m pretty sure you forgot to feed me this week. Maybe last week, too. I am willing you to feed me right now.” -Chaos

*With apologies to the Therapy Sisters for shamelessly stealing one of their song titles for part of this post’s title.