I survived my first day back at work! I was pretty tired by the end of the day – but I must admit that it was one of those mornings when I woke up feeling tired. I’m blaming the aggressive kitty snuggling I was subjected to overnight! And curses, does work ever cut into reading blogs or what? Dang. I’m already way behind in bloglines. Woe.

Back before I had Mayhem, RheLynn of KnitOwl made me a wonderful mini-Chaos. She just sent me an adorable mini-Mayhem, too. Aw, thank you so much, RheLynn!

“It is very cute. But I am the real Mayhem! Me! And I am still the cutest!” -Mayhem

I finally sewed buttons on to the last of the bibs I knitted. Whew!

For some reason, Mayhem felt the need to show those bibs who was the boss.

“Ha! Take that, you wicked bibs!” -Mayhem

34 thoughts on “*yawn*”

  1. Aww, hee hee! A bit brighter than Chaos – lie all over them and you can’t make them model the bibs!

    I know – work! Pfft. So cuts into reading and knitting time… 😀

  2. Glad you survived your first day back to work. I have been working from home part-time this week and it has been going OK. Friday I go into the the office for the first time in six weeks. My energy level is still zapped so I might need the entire weekend to recover from a day in the office. 🙂

  3. Congratulations (well, sort of) on going back to work. This is my LAST week of work, and I’m thrilled. The little mini-me Chaos and Mayhem are very cute, but of course, not nearly as cute as the real ones.

  4. I love that they have the different colored eyes!

    I have to tell you – Puck and I were listening to our new “kitty” CD and he is loving the Wild Kitty song – he keeps playing it over and over!

  5. I’ve been meaning to ask, have you ever sewed buttons on your underwear?

    I used to offer that advice often when asked “So What?” you know. It was comedy gold back when I was 10, seriously, that joke killed.

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice to be independently wealthy?

    I know how you got Chaos because of his recent birthday. How did you get Mayhem? I only found your blog because Wendy Knits was comparing May’s ‘tocks to Lucy’s. (May’s are cuter, but don’t tell Wendy.)

  7. First-day-back fatigue is inevitable – you have to get back into the routine of thinking about Their Stuff instead of yours! The kitties are so cute – and you reminded me that I have to start doing some bibs…

  8. She figured she better get on those bibs before they got on her!

    Work really does interfere with all that is important – blog reading, knitting….

  9. Too bad the day job always interferes with the fun stuff, right?! I *love* those mini Chaos and Mayhem kitties, but May herself really is the cutest. That post where she tricked Chaos into wearing the baby sweater was a great bit of brilliance on her part!

  10. At least it’s a short work week this week and next. Hope today goes just as well!

    Mayhem is adorable. Chaos is handsome. And while modeling a pinwheel child’s sweater isn’t shameful, I can see why he hid out.

  11. She figured if she held them down, they couldn’t hop up around her neck. Glad work went well, but it sure does get in the way of life, eh?

  12. “agressive kitty snuggling”, surely not by my fave boy the handsome Chaos or even that delicate little girl the beautiful Mayhem.
    it must have been their evil twins Clive and Mary!!

    bock to work — it’s a really bad idea, but, does pay the bills and allows us to buy tuna and yarn, usually in that order.

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