In which I ramble for a bit, then include a very cute picture of a sleeping princess with a cold nose

  • If you have suggestions for authors you’d like to see me contact for contests, please leave a comment!
  • Um, no, it’s very unlikely that Neil Gaiman, Nora Roberts, or Stephen King will respond.
  • I’m most interested in featuring authors who have a bit less reach (for now!) and who will interact with us in the comments.
  • I do promise to shamelessly exploit my friendship with Carolyn Crane when her book comes out. *shoots meaningful glance at CJ*
  • For my evil day job (EDJ), I work as a systems analyst and spend a lot of time looking for patterns in data.
  • Turns out that looking for overused stock photos? Just more patterns.
  • For the record? Looking for overused stock photos is a lot more amusing than what I do at the EDJ.
  • Probably I should admit that I’m not sending any more holiday cards for the 2009 holiday season and put all of that stuff away until next winter, huh?
  • I had a sinus-triggered migraine last Wednesday, so I took a shot (mmm… sumatr1ptan), napped for a few hours with the kitties, and woke up feeling great.
  • The kitties were very happy because they don’t get to sleep with me at night – there’s really only so many times I can handle having Chaos walk across my head at 2 am because he wants breakfast.
  • Anyway, ever since then, each evening when I go in to my bedroom to sleep, Mayhem’s sitting expectantly on my bed.
  • Sorry, May. Out you go.
  • Although she doesn’t walk across my head while I sleep, she does cover me with her furry toy mice, apparently bringing mouse after mouse, hoping to find the magical mouse that will inspire me to wake up and play fetch with her.
  • Shhhh… sleeping princess alert….

  • Awww.

47 thoughts on “In which I ramble for a bit, then include a very cute picture of a sleeping princess with a cold nose”

  1. My Velcro (That’s her name) the 16 pound wonder fluff simply jumps on the bed. *thump* then if that don’t work she sits next to my head and barks at me. It’s like a half meow with authority.

    My 6AM wake up call.

  2. Chaos – 2am? That’s rude. You did it to yourself, man.

    I can’t complain about the kitty wake-up call anymore. 5-6 is just fine.

  3. My kitty used to keep me up regardless. If he was locked out he’d sit he’d sit at the door & cry till I let him in… if he was in the bed he’d purrr and head butt me all night. dam I miss that cat.

  4. Oh I know what that is like… Baby puppy (aka Monster) loves to hog bed… One bed + Two people + two dogs = Mommy not sleeping! Yea… know how you feel!

    Doesn’t my Princess look adorable… Oh faking you say… She is… She is plotting in her sweet little mind the “bring down” of fake black kittie!
    Look for layout plans to come, lol!!

    Hope the EDJ gets a little better! =) Have a great day hon!

  5. Your ability to find these stock photos over and over again in covers makes sense now that you’ve explained your EDJ! (It also explains why you prefer your socks to match up when you knit them I think… lol)

  6. no sleeping on the bed at night? Cricket is shouting “call the SPCA!!” Or learn to make an ungodly amount of noise with a closed door. Bonus points for shredding expensive carpet in an attempt to get in!

  7. I have to make sure my Kitty is not in my room when I go to sleep. I hate those early morning walks over my head almost as much as waking up to her sitting on my chest with her face right in front of me. That’s a bit of a shock at 4 in the morning.
    .-= Lily´s last blog ..New Books Available – Week 3 =-.

  8. My cats always have dry food so they never wake us up. In fact Max is always curled next to my daughter in the morning when I wake her and oh the abuse he heaps on me when I disturb their cuddling.

    I love when they sleep with their nose covered. It’s so cute.

  9. You are a better woman than I am. I never got any farther than buying the Christmas cards this year. (I usually at least fill them out, and get stuck on the ones I don’t have addresses for.)

    So that’s what a tail is for! What a nifty nose warmer. Wait. . . I see a new knitting project for you! 😛
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Pretty . . . =-.

  10. Mine just sits on the window ledge next to the bed and stares at us. It’s not a very effective method for gaining attention, especially when we’re sleeping. But then, she’s not the brightest kitty in the litterbox.

  11. Walking across my head would be a nice change. Mine destroys things until she gets my attention. She eats papers I’ve left on my desk, knocks things off my dresser, chews and rabbit-kicks any backpacks I’ve left on the floor…

    Of course, lock her out and she’s annoying too.

  12. Hannibal has taken to covering my face with his 13-pound body at 2 a.m. several times in the last week. I like having the roar of his purr vibrate my head; I do not care for the difficulty of breathing with his fur up my nose.

  13. Yea – I still remember the morning my old Hooter Bear brought the Teen (who was 4 at the time!) a REAL dead mouse. I found it on his bed when I went to make it in the morning. I earned credit by not FREAKING OUT in front of him. I waited until I was OUT of his bedroom to have the WILLIES.

  14. My girls Socrates and Feather are nice to curl up with. My two boys (which are brothers) not so much. Same issue walking over my head, sticking out that one claw to nip you with to see if your done yet (what am I prime-rib). The worst is jumping on and off the bed to the point you begin to wonder how you’re supposed to sleep on a trampoline.

    Love the IKEA redo. (

  15. May is just so darn cute Chris!

    I’m so looking forward to Carolyn’s book..

    I’m still at my evil day job! Will it never end???


  16. how do you say no to such unbearable cuteness!! sorry you had a megrim. Seems like it’s the time to not feel great. I have never been successful in my attempts at a shut out, but I will say that they started sleeping through the night around 8-10 yo. AND, last night? THEY were annoyed with ME for waking THEM up. REVENGE is sweet.

  17. Awwwwww…. I feed Mel in the evening, which I started so that he wouldn’t wake me up for breakfast. It doesn’t stop him from waking me up because he wants me to play, but I sleep better with a cat on my shins. 🙂

  18. Congrats to the winners!

    I bought my Christmas cards late and then did a marathon card writing right before Christmas and then gave up on the rest of them. I still have them sitting out though.

    Katie sleeps with me at night but luckily she’s become lazier as she’s gotten older. She gets up briefly when I do and then go back to bed.

  19. Congratulations to the winners!! Enjoy!

    I’m guessing you keep your door closed and this keeps the sweet kitties out at night? If so, lucky you! One of my cats, Ninja, will sit outside a closed door (when he knows your in the room) and will paw and meow until you open the door. Seriously, forever he will do this. *sigh*

    And yes, that is an aww moment there. So sweet looking, Ms. Mayhem. 🙂

  20. Awww – Chaos can come sleep with me (and hubby, and Angus and Willow and Morrighan and sometimes Merlin – it’s a very catful bed.) 🙂

    Sigh…let’s all collectively whine at Neil Gaiman…maybe that wold get him over here!

  21. Yep, I have the same policy — the cats get to sleep in cat prison (AKA my cozy study). They’re just too excited at night, even if we “excercise” them in the evening.
    .-= Jodi´s last blog saroyan =-.

  22. Are you looking for authors to correspond with you? (errr, sorry, been blog-reading deprived as of late)
    Have you ever read Anne Bishop “Sebastian” and “Belladonna” ? (two of my all time favorite books) She might write to you!

    You know, the more I hear, the more I think that Chaos and Miss Emily are cousins…..

  23. Awww – I’m amused at the thought of May bringing you mice. Sirius just gets under the bed and goes to sleep now. He’s learnt after many nights exile in the conservatory!
    .-= mrspao´s last blog ..Sneak peak =-.

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