I went to IKEA four times in eight days during the last two weeks. Since my regular level of shopping is a weekly visit to my co-op, a Target trip for kitty litter and sundries once every other month, and a Rainbow Foods trip for frozen orange juice every eight to ten weeks, the IKEA thing was pretty over the top for me. Rest assured that I have done my part to stimulate the Swedish economy.

Many thanks to Jeanne and her husband for providing both a pickup and muscle support to transport the pile of boxes below from IKEA, up two flights of stairs, and into my condo. This picture was taken after I’d already assembled one BILLY bookcase – for full box city effect, you should picture one more of the long box on the right. Yup, things were pretty crowded in my living room last week. (Do you recognize the tv in the picture below?)

It sure took a lot of space to hold the contents of the old cd racks and tv cabinet until I assembled the new storage system. For bonus points, can you spot the cat in the picture below?

There are two cats in this picture. Can you find them both? If so, can you figure out which is which? (Sorry, no bonus points – if you figured out where the cat was in the previous picture, this one’s easy.)

*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…* -Chaos

*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…* -Mayhem

Have a great weekend, everyone! May it be as productive for all of you as I hope it is for me.

34 thoughts on “IKEAed”

  1. My apartment looks like IKEA threw up in here–those buggers always have the exact thing I need. I bought THREE of those little unfinished 3-Drawer dressers (can’t recall their “proper” names at the moment) and not only was my living room a furniture assembly place, but my kitchen became a finishing room for the painting of said dressers.

    Oh, and four little lamps. And a sofa. I’ll be back for curtains–no assembly required.

  2. A new look! You’ll love it when you’re finished putting them all together. Chaos is the kitty closest to the camera (on your lap) and Mayhem is tucked between the boxes (is that what that is?).

  3. I’m one of those weirdos that likes assembling IKEA furniture. Of course, I love the whole business of setting up new furniture!

    I *think* I see two kitties…

  4. I’m impressed! While most of those furniture assembly sessions go pretty well, a few leave me in tears.

    BTW, I love the Twin Cities IKEA. It’s not too crowded, parking is easy, and people are always so polite! I sometimes save IKEA shopping trips for when I’m in MN (even though that means I’m hauling stuff all the way back to IL).

  5. I wish we lived closer! I would have brought some gluten-free beer and helped you.

    I see some good movies there in that pile! I loved Willow – back when it was totally uncool to love Willow, LOL – and The Jungle Book is one of my FAVES. That is The Jungle Book, right?

  6. Chris- Along with those Allen keys, you should get a free muscleman named Sven who puts it together for you.

    I hope you don’t lose a kitty amongst the camoflauge.

  7. Oh my! Have a fun (ahem) time putting that all together, I can’t wait to see it all up, with kitties arranged to perfect effect around your new furniture.

  8. Part of the reason we bought a minivan (when Neatnik couldn’t get in and out of the car seat easily in the old car) instead of just a car with a larger backseat.


  9. Can’t wait to see photos of the finished set up with the IKEA items. And I am sure the Swedish government is sending you a hearty “Tack sÃ¥ mycket”.

  10. Oh, where’s the kitties! Great fun!
    Bookshelves *cry* we have one book shelf in our house…it’s filled with Star Trek and Star Wars novels. I keep getting promised that someone will build me a bookshelf. I am very green with envy.

  11. Your post only makes me want to get to our local IKEA even more. Can you believe I’ve never been before? And I have heard such great things.

    Can’t wait to see your cabinets when they are done. Hope it is an easy-to-assemble, pain free experience, and the kitties enjoy all those empty boxes.

  12. Best of luck putting it all together! It doesn’t look like the kitties are too interested in helping. They never are at that sort of thing.

  13. Did you bribe them with an Ikea Breakfast or were they just super nice?

    I am hopefully heading to Ikea on Saturday although sadly I will not make breakfast 🙁

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