In which Mayhem plays with the Magic Goldfish Wand Toy (MGWT)

Since many of you seemed so interested in the Magic Goldfish Wand Toy (MGWT), allow me to present (with Jeanne’s expert assistance as MGWT operator) Mayhem in action. Blurry action, even using my camera’s sport mode – be warned! (Note that the dirt in the background was from a little plant tipping incident and was cleaned up as soon as my dad arrived with the wee vacuum cleaner.)

*twitch twitch twitch* -Mayhem

*lunge* -Mayhem

“Hmph. It keeps getting away from me!” -Mayhem

“Drat!” -Mayhem

“I’m sure I can get it this time!” -Mayhem

“Whew!” *pant pant pant* -Mayhem

“Noooooo! Please don’t put it back in the closet! Please!” -Mayhem