Bullet Post: The Auto and Home Repair Edition, with Some GF Bullets, Too

  • You might’ve heard that we had some snow (5-8″) last Wednesday.
  • Followed by some cold – it was -5F/-20.6C when I got in my car Thursday morning.
  • Brrr!
  • My drive was particularly exciting Thursday morning, since I had to drive to the car dealer to get the ASC repaired.
  • What’s ASC? Automatic Stabilization Control – the thing that kicks in when your car starts to slide on slippery roads.
  • Yup, roads are pretty slippery after a bunch of snow.
  • The drive was… memorable, in a white-knuckled sort of way.
  • Sure is nice to have ASC again.
  • Friday afternoon, my car got stuck while I was trying to get into the parking lot behind my building.
  • Many thanks to the two neighbors who helped push and got the car unstuck!
  • Sunday morning we woke up to no heat in the condo – turns out one of the pumps on the boiler went out.
  • Fortunately, it only took a few hours for a repair guy to get the heat going again.
  • Good thing, since the cats were holding me personally responsible for how cold it was: “If you loved us, Mom, it wouldn’t be cold like this.”
  • Do you wish you lived in Minneapolis yet? πŸ˜‰
  • Sunday afternoon I learned how to use a drain auger and spent a nasty hour or so cleaning out a massive clog under the kitchen sink.
  • Said clog seemed to have been formed by the unholy union of cat hair (note to self – try to keep Mayhem from sleeping in the kitchen sink), coffee grounds from rinsing off the espresso maker, and primordial ooze.
  • Ewww.
  • I am actually knitting!
  • However, it’s for a present, so I’m not sure I’ll post about it until after Christmas.
  • One of the things that’s been sad for me since going gluten-free is not having good bread for sandwiches.
  • Most gf bread has an unfortunate texture or crumbles into bits when used for sandwiches unless it’s toasted.
  • Only eating sandwiches on toast gets old really fast.
  • If you require a gluten-free diet (or know someone who does), I highly recommend the magazine Gluten-Free Living, which I’ve been reading since it was a newsletter.
  • Are you confused by the conflicting gluten-free diet information provided by various organizations? Gluten-Free Living examines such information scientifically to support or debunk it.
  • The current issue is especially good, as it’s a “best of” issue.
  • Make sure you stop back tomorrow, when I’ll kick off an ebook (by a Twin Cities author) giveaway to celebrate its release!

Can you figure out this picture? (Nope, you are right, she’s not in the kitchen sink… at the moment.)

“…..zzzzzzzzzzzz…..” -Mayhem