In which Mayhem is revealed to be a sink kitty, part 2

Maybe we should just declare this National Sink Kitty Week?! Check out Deb’s pictures of Sammy and Tig (at the bathroom sinks this time).

Earlier this week, I revealed Mayhem’s love of the bathroom sink. The sink appeal can’t just be about the sink shape, since she also loves the rectangular kitchen sink.

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Mayhem

“Wha….?” -Mayhem

“Kitty in the kitchen sink? I don’t see any kitty in the kitchen sink! That would be very naughty, since you don’t allow kitties in the kitchen sink, Mom.” -Mayhem

We here at SoC are not acknowledging today to be a holiday in any way, shape, or form. Nothing good can come from Valentine’s Day. Bah humbug! 😉

38 thoughts on “In which Mayhem is revealed to be a sink kitty, part 2”

  1. Chris- Today was created so that card, flower and chocolate companies could cash in.

    It’s designed to inflict the maximum guilt on people, so let’s ignore it.

    …unlike the kitty in the sink, much harder to ignore.

  2. You could celebrate in the fashion that I am… I’m gonna smooch on the kitties (this makes Pepper especially unhappy! LOL) curl up tonight with either a book or yarn and an fleece blankie (which calls out to the cats like a siren) and watch Lost… (or your favorite Thursday show…)

  3. Last night my hubby came in from work and asked “What is Carmen doing lying in the bottom of the laundry room sink?” I should have taken a picture :o)

    and, I know what she was doing there… hiding from the puppy!

  4. The Little Dudes are my Valentines. Other than that – boo! Heh, Mayhem has such a dozy look on her face, that’s so cute.

    What is it with cats and sinks?!?!?!?!!!

  5. Holiday!? I don’t have the day off so it isn’t a Holiday!
    I never thought a cat would like a cold hard sink. The one cat I had in my life sure didn’t show any interest.

  6. You should really be more careful about what you write here. If Hallmark gets wind of the goings-on here, they’re going to start propagating National Kitty-in-the-Sink Day–replete with themed cards and tchotchkes, of course!

  7. Here at WTT we are not celebrating anything but sick kid, sick kitty, sick dog and sick mom. I may still manage the heart shaped pizza but it’s a stretch at this point….

  8. Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a way for stores to boost the consumer lull that occurs between Christmas and spring. It’s not about love, it’s about spend, spend, spend.

    But. It is a way for me to cover my kids in sloppy kisses. Not that I don’t do that every day, but on Valentine’s Day, when they protest and try to push me away I can say, “*gasp* What? You don’t want to kiss your MOTHER on VALENTINE’S DAY?”

    I win.

  9. Oh, just knit a heart shaped pink bib and put it on a cat. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people. You can show the cats how much you love them!

  10. As far as I’m concerned, today is my friend A.’s birthday, but I’m also going out for pizza with friends to acknowledge Emperor Norton’s birthday. (I’m guessing links would alert the spam filter, but check wikipedia if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

  11. Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day anyway. I got no significant other either. It’s just a money trap anyway. Revel in the fact that at least nobody forgot us either.

  12. Mayhem! So naughty! Did you really think you wouldn’t be caught? Or are you just that brazen a kitty?

    M got me 3 sizes of Addi Lace needles for Valentine’s Day, so I can’t disparage the day. But having lived so much of my life without a significant other, I do realize it isn’t a very nice holiday in that it excludes people. Good holidays should be for everyone.

  13. We don’t allow kitties in our sinks either – what’s interesting is that every single day I find kitty prints going to and from the sink on the kitchen counter (another place kitties aren’t allowed).

  14. V-Day is a way to torture people, and it should be stopped under the anti-terrorism laws. Except I do love eating all the chocolate in the break room….
    Anne in Calgary

  15. I need my eyes checked – I thought that was a sock being dangled to tease the kitty in the sink.

    holiday or not, I think Chaos & Mayhem would both like the treat the (cartoon) kitties on Franklin’s blog are discussing today

  16. It’s mostly a commercial holiday anyway. For us, it’s mostly an excuse to eat lots of chocolate. National Sink Kitty Week sounds much more fun anyway, and we could find a way to tie it in with chocolate.

  17. I can’t wait until I can actually photograph Hez in the sink. That’ll be something.

    Hate Valentines Day. Hated it when I wasn’t such a cynic about love too. Flowers make me sneeze, *chocolate gives me a migraine and I hate the laziness and the enforcement of it all. *but not always.

  18. Oh my gosh! I am so enjoying your kitty pictures. I am a cat lover myself. Have two. I may just have to post something of that kind on my site as well. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  19. Perry used to be a sink kitty. For some reason, though, he doesn’t like curling up in the sinks in my current apartment. They are perfectly Perry-sized, so I can’t figure it out. Used to be his favorite perch from which to watch humans taking showers…

  20. Too cool 😉 My kittie Pookie from a million years ago (I was 16) was always in the sink and used to jump in the bath with me. He loved water and especially bath bubbles!

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