Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Second)

Many thanks to Sydney, who tracked down the original stock photo of our friend Candy Cane Guy from yesterday! To sum up, the jeans did have holes and there’s no mole or tattoo being covered. 🙂

Onward. Allow me to present Slouching Guy. You might remember him from such covers as Islands by Samantha Kane…

Reckless Passion by Amanda Young…

Lone Wolf (Maxey Wizards, Book 2)

…and Horsefall: Taste Test by Jade Buchanan.

Is anyone else alarmed about the lusty look in that horse’s eyes?! 😮

So, do you have additional examples of Slouching Guy out and about?

12/9/2009: I found another cover example of our old friend Slouching Guy! Sorry the picture is blurry, but that’s what happens when you expand a teeny tiny picture to make it a bit more visible…

Stop by my contest post or The Thrillionth Page by 10 am CST, December 6, to vote for the Softest Kitteh Evah on Our Street! Again, there’s been more taunting! But I thought this looked promising:


30 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Second)”

  1. Oh Mayhem, are you signing copies?!!

    Slouchy guy, you look like you’d probably know about 20 words. Oh, that’s not nice. Who cares how many words you know. 😉

  2. Chris..

    I love the built of this boy, but he is so sexy but overused… at one point he was like the next Nathan Kamp for me…

    Even with the headless shot I knew it was him… I will be checking out that book with the lusty horse… hmmmm sounds promising…



    Now I have just about seen it all – Mayhem has a front page spread… give me a ever loving break…

    And she has taken time from her busy schedule… OH for the love of ..**///*****?//

    ***throws had in the air****


  3. To think, I knew Mayhem when she was nothing but a wee little kitty. They grow up fast.

    I can see why the heads are cut off these sexy built guys…and yesterdays had a belly button that draws my eye instantly and distracts me from the good stuff.

  4. Must be all of those pec muscles pulling his spine out of alignment or something…Didn’t Popeye have similar musculature deformity issues? ;o)

  5. Purr purrrrr… soffft cuddlie May….

    Too bad the guy in the slouchy photo looks like he has worked his abs to the point where he cannot stand up straight any more… ick not pretty

  6. Slouchy guy looks best without his face showing.
    Great mag cover for Mayhem! I think Oblio is running scared what with all the raw eggs and venison eating.

  7. Meh. Slouchy Guy just doesn’t do it for me. (Is it the slouch? The facial expression? We may never know…)

    And I’m still waiting for the sock phorography.

  8. My brain is just having a problem with the title Taste Test. I mean, is he tasting the horse, is the horse tasting him?

    I’ve definitely seen tastier cover art.

  9. Thanks for the mention! That “Horsefall: Taste Test” cover is just wrong is so many ways, well except for the abs. 🙂 Which one is doing the tasting and, dare I ask, what are they tasting?

    Love the “Soft Kittehs” book cover!

  10. Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that the fellow in the original stock photo from yesterday’s post looks TWELVE????


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