39 thoughts on “Vicarious festing”

  1. Those are such pretty animals – but the warning? Yeah, I understand they can kick and *eeewww* spit like camels. Is that “no lunging” sign in front of a really great bakery or something? And o we loves us some M & C pictures. Lilliane’s unimpressed but Evangeline has decided they’re her siblings, *?* times removed. (Could be, we’re in Madison, the Minneapolis of Wisconsin!)

  2. Great pics! It’s good to see May is catching up on her reading while you’re gone. So is the “No lunging” sign for the people or the llamas?

  3. looks like your vacation is coming along nicely…glad to see you are having a good time…

    I wish we had fiber festivals closer to me that I could attend…the closest I will get to one is the state fair in august. 🙁 They don’t usually sell fiber there though.

    May and Chaos are looking like they are having a vacation too…no Mom to tell them to stay off things or stay away from stuff…hehehe

  4. I went back to the festival this morning, and as I was passing a certain author’s booth, heard him telling someone that he has a new book coming out this fall. I was sure you’d want to know. Heh

  5. Hmmm – Chaos is noteably absent from the homefront photos – me thinks he’s up to something!
    What a hysterical llama sign – Injury by Llama – a book title for sure!

  6. Lisa, “lunging” is a method of warming up a horse by putting them on a very long lead line (lunge/longe line) and running them around in circles.

    I really like the blue-eyed llama—did not know they could have blue eyes—and the red cat… are they plates? Cute, anyway! Love the wool sign.

  7. Sorry… didn’t quite finish. That’s an alpaca. Yup. Ooops. Cute. And with the lunging, there is a human attached to the other end of the lunge line, standing dizzily in the middle watching the horse fly around him or her.

  8. The vacay pics are funny – but that shot of May is hilarious! She looks like the Longest Cat in the World!!! (Said with the loudspeaker echo after each word..)

  9. Oh my gosh, I am so captivated by those blue blue eyes. And I have to wonder what event precipitated the law protecting “llama professionals” regarding those dangerous “llama events”. Hee.

  10. Ok. So…you bought both the hooked rug and the black cat – what IS that anyway, coasters? – right??? You’re showing off some of your booty?
    OH that shot of “Please No Lunging” ROFLOL!

    Hope you continue to have a wonderful trip! (you have bought plenty of llama & alpaca fiber, right?

  11. I hope the kitties ARE holding down the fort and not tearing it to pieces! It was so wonderful to meet you and spend time together. Thank you for the bag of goodies, too! I have LOVED the CD! Let’s hangout again soon!

  12. You know, I find it completely impossible to resist grabbing the llama and planting a wet one on those lips! Or at least on the nose.

  13. Chaos and May called–No lunging, NO ALPACAS. They are sure that Mpls has some sort of stature too. Please bring the black cat coasters home. NO LLAMAS either-they won’t fit in the car. The neighbors are nice, but they’re not you. Licks and Nips-

  14. Wow, I didn’t know what lunging was but Mark did. Funny sign! Can’t wait to see your stash after all these fun vacation pics 🙂

  15. llama llama — duck! no, lunge!
    oh, no lunging…

    love the vacay pics. esp. the prarie dogs…and the kids, uh, cats back home trying SO hard to stay out of trouble.

    i hope chaos didn’t show may where you hide the feminine hygiene products this time. haw!

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