42 thoughts on “Oh, give me a home where the prairie dogs roam”

  1. Heh. My favorite sign EVER comes from next to a river in Colorado- it said ” Don’t gather moss!” and it always made me laugh because it sounded like a statement about life rather than not removing the fuzzy green vegetation.
    Poor Mayhem.. looks like you’d better get home soon before she goes plaid!

  2. I was also quite enthralled by the prairie dogs. And then Snow told me that they exterminate them because they are rodents. Sigh.

  3. hahaha. kat’s comment was funny. i’m taking a vacay now, and my babies will be lonely. too bad we can’t set up kitty care camp.

  4. You have such a great variety of pictures. Looks like a good time. You’re missing those kitties as much as they miss you. 😉

  5. Great photos! The sign is hilarious. I hope you are having as good a time as your photos suggest.

    Hang in there, May! Chris will be back soon, and maybe she’ll bring you your very own pet prairie dog.

  6. LoLz, yeah! Damn kids, keep your wheels outta the creek!

    Looks like you are having a very good time…I saw you over on Jane’s blog (Quidity) too. Soo, you’re coming to Rhinebeck in the fall too, right?

  7. WOW that is one amazing sky!!! Saw a pic of you at the blogger get together on Jane’s blog. You all look like you are having a ton of fun!!

  8. Nice picture of the rabbit – very close up! Prairie dogs in Minneapolis? That would be quite the picture 😉 I’m sure Chaos and Mayhem would love it though!

  9. Well, I can’t top the comments already made! LOL!

    Great pix! Poor Mayhem. Lost without her Mommy. She still has chaos. And Chaos too, of course.

  10. So do your pics mean that you’re bringing home a rabbit and a prairie dog? Probably not, since they’re not black…..but a May-sized LIVE toy would be a great suck-up gift when you got back. Keep enjoying the vistas!

  11. Still catching up, thinking I’ll never get through my bloglines, and then I get to your blog………..lordy. You must post twice a day sometimes!

    So glad to hear that you got to go to a fun fibery festival. Me wants to go…….

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