Quick post, no pictures

Made it to Toronto Friday afternoon and am having a blast hanging out with Brigitte! And how fun is it that Brigitte expanded her family while I was here?!

Update on vacation in bullets:

  • I didn’t get a picture of the silo with the ginormous inflated jack-o-lantern on top while I was driving, but wished I had.
  • I’m still not over the fact that I’m using exotic Canadian money. Why the heck is US money so monochromatic and boring?
  • Toronto is lovely, although I’m really not sure how many streetcar pictures a person really needs.
  • How did I miss the fact that Lake Ontario is right there?! Brigitte and I are going to walk down to the beach tomorrow.
  • We had some tasty gf treats at a new cafe on Queen Street yesterday. Yum!
  • We also ate fabulous salads at the Green Eggplant. Perfect salads. Yum!
  • Rumour has it we’re going on a yarn crawl with Lorraine on Tuesday. Looking forward to that.
  • Gandalf, Atticus, and Mae all seem to like me. I am honored that the reclusive Mae seeks me out for pets!
  • Probably I will be sore from laughing so much with Brigitte.
  • I started a new sock and am half done with the foot. More details on that soon.
  • I have introduced Brigitte to the wonder of Lakefront Brewery’s New Grist gf beer. We have a mission to find it in Toronto now.

More later!

26 thoughts on “Quick post, no pictures”

  1. Sounds fabulous! Good luck finding New Grist in Toronto. I have enjoyed the Lakefront Brewery’s tour in Milwaukee — highly recommended if you’re in the area. Plus there’s a great organic restaurant nearby, Roots.

  2. I think the guys are going to be sorely disapointed when you leave… It’ll just be me, and they’ll be bored. I’m glad you’re having a great time so far – just wait until you meet Lorraine!

  3. Oh Chris, I am so glad that you arrived safely and that you are having a great time!!!
    I just wanted you to know that I still love you… even though I can not see May or Chaos… =(

  4. Sounds like Brigitte is looking after you “right fine” Chris!!

    Glad you are liking my town..

    Have fun – “Streetcar Pictures?” Yikes… lol


  5. It sounds like your vacation is completely marvelous!

    I loved my little vaca in Toronto ages ago, but I really didn’t do that much while I was there. Makes me wish I had been brave enough (or had just thought to) seek someone who lives there out to get a better idea of the sites!

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