Introducing Kuroi Neko (formerly known as “Dell Mini 9”)

My new netbook skin arrived! I applied it to my Dell Mini 9 netbook and dubbed said netbook Kuroi Neko (Japanese for “black cat”).

I think it fits right in around here. 😉

When I was taking pictures, I realized that Kuroi Neko is literally half the size of my Toshiba laptop, which has a 14.1″ screen.

Of course, not everyone was impressed…

“Um, Mom? There’s something seriously hinky about this cat.” -Chaos

35 thoughts on “Introducing Kuroi Neko (formerly known as “Dell Mini 9”)”

  1. Hehehehe… after you posting that link I got the red rose for my Baby Acer (10″ screen) and also a skin for my Iphone (pink cow) and my Ipod (the Zen one). I couldn’t make up my mind and wanted to get about 10 different ones for each of my appliances.

    Cheers Eva

  2. They must have designed that one with you in mind! (And “hinky” was one of my high school band director’s favorite words – sounding hinky was not a good thing, but it was usually a passing weirdness, not some real problem.)

  3. Oh Chris, that is freaking awesome!! I LOVE IT!!!! OMG… okay.. I can’t see my two puppies on mine like that… They probably would bark at it non stop, lol!!! Dinging dogs!!!
    I love it!!
    I hope you day is going great and work was not too bad this weekend!

  4. Love the skin–very cool!
    I learned a new word from Chaos. I don’t know if I should be alarmed or delighted. Perhaps I can use “hinky” in my meeting with my boss today…or maybe not.

  5. That is so perfect. I really covet your cute little laptop, not that I need something else I would be tempted to cart around with me. Just get the XO set up… eventually.

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