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You may or may not have noticed that I have certain geekish tendencies. It’s hereditary – what can I say? (Hi, Dad! Hi, Matt!) 😉 Anyway, said geekish tendencies are sometimes expressed through acquisition of technology. Most recently, through the acquisition of a Dell Mini 8.9″ netbook, on the right below. For scale, my regular laptop on the left has a 14.1″ screen. Quite a difference, eh?

My plans for the wee Dell are to get it setup so I can connect to work when I’m on-call (better than lugging a laptop around!), take notes in various situations, and have a lightweight way to stay in touch on vacation.

Oh, and I think Jeanne was mightily amused to be fielding Ubuntu questions from me last night. I’m mostly recovered from that fall when I discovered that you don’t need anti-virus software for Ubuntu, Jeanne. Thanks for checking! :p

“Technology bores me.” -Mayhem

“Crap, this thing is too small for me to hide behind.” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “Geekity”

  1. Heh, that is one cuuute little machine! It is exciting to get new technology stuff! I remember we used to have a UNIX sysadmin here who used to get so excited about new servers or anything new from SUN or Cisco, he’d practically pass out.


    Is this gonna turn in to a geek blog now? 😉

    Dave loves Ubuntu. He’s upset he can’t use it on his iTouch.

  3. We have one of those, too! It’s great for travel, and Paul uses it on the train and at coffeeshops all the time. It’s not too expensive, so we don’t feel bad taking it places where there’s the possibility of loss/theft. That said, I can’t get used to the terribly tiny keyboard! My typing’s a disaster on that thing.

  4. I start my day with geek blogs and yours!! SO geek away. I’ve had my Gecko green Mini 10 for a couple weeks, running XP but as soon as I can borrow an external drive will be loading W7.

  5. I love the cute little laptop.

    I really don’t want to think about the number of computers we have at home (starting with my husbands very old Apple 2c and my defunct laptops). It’s just scary how the technology collects.

  6. I have bee coveting a mini laptop. But the thought of switching back and forth between Mac OS and Windows makes my blood run cold. What is this Ubuntu of which you speak? (Actually, I have a general idea, must look into it…)

  7. Chris;

    I love your techno geeky coolness – Nice PC’s… I’m going to consult you when I finally am able to afford my new one. 🙂


  8. Geekity is fine with me. Cute netbook! I’ve been eyeing those. There’s a lot of time when I’d like to have a laptop but don’t want to lug one around. Let us know how you like it.

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