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You may or may not have noticed that I have certain geekish tendencies. It’s hereditary – what can I say? (Hi, Dad! Hi, Matt!) 😉 Anyway, said geekish tendencies are sometimes expressed through acquisition of technology. Most recently, through the acquisition of a Dell Mini 8.9″ netbook, on the right below. For scale, my regular laptop on the left has a 14.1″ screen. Quite a difference, eh?

My plans for the wee Dell are to get it setup so I can connect to work when I’m on-call (better than lugging a laptop around!), take notes in various situations, and have a lightweight way to stay in touch on vacation.

Oh, and I think Jeanne was mightily amused to be fielding Ubuntu questions from me last night. I’m mostly recovered from that fall when I discovered that you don’t need anti-virus software for Ubuntu, Jeanne. Thanks for checking! :p

“Technology bores me.” -Mayhem

“Crap, this thing is too small for me to hide behind.” -Chaos