A knitting update

Elisa is having a contest – read about her typical day, then take some pictures and post about your typical day. Leave Elisa a comment or send her an email with the link to your post by February 25. There will be mysterious prizes! And fun! 😉

I’m about 2/3 of the way through season 5 of 24. Things got very intense, so I’ve been taking a break for a few days. Plus, I needed to catch up on my library books – especially the new books that I can’t renew!

I have made good progress on the refined raglan, both while watching 24 and while reading.

“What have we here?” -M
“Duh. Obviously it’s a cat bed.” -C

“Oh, how clever – it even has cat toys built in!” -C
“Wait, is that yarn I see?!” -M

“Yarn!” *chew chew chew* -M

Ack! I must go rescue my sweater!