In which more knitting is revealed

I know, I know – if I keep having knitting on this here “knitting blog,” some of y’all are going to have to stop reading. 😉 But first, I would like to clarify – Chaos was not sitting in the litterbox in the last picture yesterday! He was simply sitting on his cardboard scratcher…

Although I am not officially participating in any UFO recovery knitalongs, I did pull out one of my older UFOs over the weekend. The Door County Cable (pictured here December 2005) was started September 6, 2003. I probably haven’t worked on it since November 2003!

I originally abandoned it because when I switched from knitting in the round and started knitting back and forth, I found the directions horribly confusing. When I revisited the directions this weekend (since a few more years of knitting experience might help, right?), they were still horribly confusing; I frogged the sweater and started the Refined Raglan from the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits. Please ignore that it’s black, which is the kiss of death for a blog project…

“Don’t mind me – I’m just here to grab my mouse!” -M

Last week I also started another pair of gift socks. (Don’t worry – I’m still working on the green stripey socks – the first sock is done and I’m about 2″ into the second sock.) The yarn is Socks That Rock and it’s Jeanne’s “Rare Gems” bonus skein from the 2006 Rockin’ Socks Club. If you know Jeanne (who just got sucked into 24 last weekend – darn that Amy anyhow!), you’ll know why I ended up with this skein! I have dubbed the colorway “70s Kitchen.”

“Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to bite through this yarn here…” -M

“Don’t mind me – I’m just making sure it isn’t a bib…” -C


41 thoughts on “In which more knitting is revealed”

  1. Chris- I didn’t mean to suggest that you would be so crass as to show Chaos on the potty!
    My cat must be so deprived- he has no cardboard scratcher. Instead, he uses my sofa and chair in the living room. He’s down to the frame in some spots.

  2. Aww, poor Door County cable! Interesting design but I would be too afraid to wear it in case those dropped stitches get caught on something.

    Not the 70’s kitchen, May! You need your eye sight checked. Just the purple yarn!

  3. Yup very 70s kitchen 🙂
    My first house had a north facing kitchen,and I inherited spice brown painted cabinets and burnt orange walls ( very dark we needed lights on in there all the time). Having redecorated that 70’s nightmare my next house came with mushroom brown cabinets and 70’s floral brown cream and orange wallpaper!

  4. Wow, I do agree with everyone’s assessment, the STR really does look like 70s kitchen colors. But I love it so much! Maybe cause that’s the colors my kitchen are painted? I’m off to go buy an avocado green Kitchenaid! 😉

  5. 70s Kitchen, haw! (Not entirely unlike Irish Nacho Socks, eh?) Love it…

    I made a cabled headband out of black and it was a real waste of perfectly good cabling efforts b/c the cables got lost in the black yarn. (It’s a pretty little thing, and keeps my ears warm here on the farm, but I won’t use black for cables ever again)

    So I think frog pond was probably a good decision…but ow! After all that work! *shudder*

    Now you can knit yourself another cat!

    May really is turning into lovely young lady herself! I still see Isis as very kitten-y, but while posting those photos of her yesterday I kept doing a double-take: “Who’s that big grown-up lookin’ black kitty?” “Oh, must be Isis…” lolol

  6. and I think my kitchen still has Janine’s aforementioned brown, cream, orange, and gold wallboard. and except for three rooms, ALL the molding in our house is still brown–heehee! and that lovely milk chocolate brown panelling to boot in the living room. (but hey, i’m not the landlord…)

  7. I’ve been eyeing that same sweater from Interweave Knits! I’ll be interested to see how you like yours.

    Chaos is taking no chances; he’s staying way up away from the knitting just in case it turns into a bib.

  8. I think the refined raglan is such a pretty pattern; it will look great.

    Those socks are 70s kitchen. Much better in a sock than an actual kitchen!

    What is it with cats liking to chew yarn? My parent’s cat tried to eat mine over the holidays. It doesn’t look or smell like kitty treats or tuna. I find their fascination a mystery.

    Chaos is such a handsome fellow!

  9. What an actual sweater? REally? are you sure you just didn’t pose the cats to look like a black sweater laying on the floor.

    hee hee.

    Basil says he could teach the cats a thing or two about biting through yarn, he can snap a piece of yarn in a second. Literally.

  10. Have to admit I did a double-take on the shot with Chaos’ cardboard scratcher yesterday, but since my kitties don’t have claws, you don’t see those around here – however, my Big Sis had a House Panther and HE had one!

    Black knitting – you so obviously have better eyes than mine! And 70s Kitchen is a GOOD name for that…
    I’m working on my Sockret Pal’s socks in STR and loving the yarn…

  11. Good for you for frogging. And I really like that sweater, it’s on my overlong “I want to make it” list! I did raise an eyebrow at Chaos, but I knew you wouldn’t put up a pic w/ him doing his thing so publicly!

  12. I like the refined raglan better than the Door County Cable sweater. The cables looked great, but kinda busy. I really like the refined raglan.

  13. I really like the refined raglan, and even though it’s hard to photograph and blog about, I bet a black sweater will get worn tons.

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