Ouch! That’s going to leave an interesting scar…

So Sunday I was on my bicycle, heading over to the Greenway to put in a few miles on the trails, when the car in front of me stopped unexpectedly. I stopped quickly and didn’t crash or wipe out, but I did manage to catch my right calf on the front sprocket.

Since I didn’t see anything that suggested stitches, I continued on to bike about seven miles before heading home to scrub bike grease out of my cuts. Here’s a before scrubbing picture:

Heck, it doesn’t look half bad using the flash.

This is what it looked like Tuesday evening – can you see the bruises forming? That’s going to be darn colorful in a few days.

“I’m outta here. You might fall on me or something.” -Chaos

“Remember, kids, don’t try this at home! Mom’s a highly clumsy but relatively experienced cyclist.” -Chaos