Linkity for May Day


Do, Make, Learn, Think

Life in These Pandemic Times


Gluten Free

Artsy Crafty


Cool or Wha…?



Reading Update

  • Rereading Good Omens fanfic. Reading too much news.

*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Mayhem

5 thoughts on “Linkity for May Day”

  1. My brother-in-law apparently was famous for saying “If your mama had wings, she’d be a Pinta”. (Nobody knows why. He’s weird.) He needs to see that flying Pinto.

  2. The Gerenuk is disturbing me a whole bunch. It has spider legs wrapped in mammalian fur, ending in teeny sharp hooves. I can’t look away.

  3. Ugh. The Epidemiologist XKCD hits a little too close for comfort.

    The good to remember links, though, and the Neil Gaiman TED talk, were very needed. Thank you.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to browse the list of 75 things in the hopes of finding something I want for dinner… 😉

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