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Reading Update
The Truth (Discworld, #25)The Truth (Discworld #25) by Terry Pratchett. In which the printing press and first newspaper arrive in Ankh-Morpork…
Rivers of London Volume 7: Action at a DistanceAction at a Distance (Rivers of London #7 ) by Ben Aaronovitch. Good flashback into Nightingale’s past.

*judging all of us, every single one* -Mayhem

5 thoughts on “Linkity’s waiting for green things to start growing”

  1. It’s definitely Schrodinger’s virus. That was perfect!

    Cat faces are definitely funny and disturbing.

    I think those gerbil people stole the idea from my Barbie museum.

  2. I saw that Naomi Kritzer story, and thought of you. I think you may be the first person I know who was talking about the Little Free Libraries way back when, but I could be wrong. It could be a false memory, after all. 😉 (I know how easy those can be to believe, though. There are things that I know my mom has convinced herself really happened, when the rest of the family remembers them differently. I’m just worried about what false memories I have — or will — convinced myself of.)

    Also, I have been staying largely off of social media (that is one way I am dealing with the anxiety: very short controlled bursts on FB and Twitter to make sure my family and friends are okay and that’a about it) so I hadn’t seen the Hamilton video. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Great advice to remember that we all handle stress differently. I’ve seen folks saying “Keep your appearance up. Dress nicely, do your normal daily hair and makeup routines.” You know, I love those bed-headed, scruffy chinned, dress in clothes so comfortable they look like they’ll disintegrate if I take one more step days. Used to be the days I’d get the most compliments . However, after 30 days of sheltering-in-place, I haven’t gotten a single compliment. Damn, I shoulda sheltered in a place with more near-sighted people. Love ya, and keeping good thoughts for you as I quickly return to lurking.

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