Keeping fur off the FURniture: FAIL

“Whatcha doin’ there, big kitty?” -Mayhem

“Duh. No way is Mom keeping me from having direct contact with the furniture. Hey, does this towel make my butt look big?” -Chaos

zOMG, big kitty, your butt, it is huge!” -Mayhem

“I’ll get you for that, my pretty!” -Chaos

“Um, big kitty? You can’t really see where I am with that towel over your head.” -Mayhem

“Hmph. Another perfectly good plan, foiled.” -Chaos

“Big kitty? Are you going to sulk all day now?” -Mayhem

“Go away, May. You can’t see me. I’m invisible.” -Chaos

“Sheesh, be that way. Wow, you’ve done a lovely job of getting lots of fur on this freshly vacuumed chair, big kitty.” -Mayhem

“Why, thank you, May. I think it’s some of my best work to date.” -Chaos

28 thoughts on “Keeping fur off the FURniture: FAIL”

  1. That’s hilarious. I gave up on everything except for keeping the kitty off the counters ages ago (in the old place, it was out of the kitchen too, because she would pull things out of the trash and jump on the counters).

  2. Oh kitties! I’m on the same mission (as my new sofa has cut velvet upholstery), and I’m having similar “success.”

  3. We’ve given up trying to keep fur off the furniture. But they make several handy gadgets for fur collecting, now I just need to invest in them. 🙂

  4. You mean you don’t already have black furniture? 🙂 Of course we now have a black couch and our neighbor’s shedding cat is white 😉

  5. we got a leather sofa so the fur wouldn’t stick. instead, we have ding marks all over it from toenails, rings etc. I call it the ‘distressed’ look….

  6. I saw an ad for a little tool that specifically picks up cat hair off upholstered furniture (holds more that 145 sticky roller sheets!)–and they demonstrated it with black cats on a white sofa. You could be their spokesperson.

  7. Look, Chaos made a fort! Excellent use of one’s time.

    Srsly, is there a way to keep the furniture fur free? I can’t even keep me fur free.

  8. ROTFL at “does this towel make my butt look big”! I don’t even try any more. I just buy lots of those tape roller thingies.

  9. The best thing I’ve found is the new Pledge upholstery roller! I can confirm that it works – better than sticky rollers, rubber sponges and buzzing covers (yes, I’ve tried everything).

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