Tentatively excited about spring

It’s been sunny since Tuesday. The highs have been slowly creeping up – it hit 71F yesterday! Even the lows have crept up from 32F Tuesday when I drove to work to upper 40s this morning. A few blades of grass have turned green. We actually do need some rain to really get things growing (and reduce the fire danger); sounds like we might see some rain and (sadly) cooler temps over the weekend. (Um, yes, Minnesotans are unnaturally interested in the weather – why do you ask?)

Plus I saw the first two egrets of the season on Monday!

I haven’t noticed any particular effects from the prescription Vitamin D yet, but I hope that starts to change soon. Getting in some walks now that the weather’s nicer should help that. To facilitate that, I’m taking today off from work to walk and bask in the sun. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

…zzzzzzz… -Mayhem

*sun bliss* -Chaos

Please ignore the envelope in the lower right corner of the picture above. It’s actually a cat toy of sorts – Chaos has been happily dragging it around by the strip I used to rip the envelope open.