Tentatively excited about spring

It’s been sunny since Tuesday. The highs have been slowly creeping up – it hit 71F yesterday! Even the lows have crept up from 32F Tuesday when I drove to work to upper 40s this morning. A few blades of grass have turned green. We actually do need some rain to really get things growing (and reduce the fire danger); sounds like we might see some rain and (sadly) cooler temps over the weekend. (Um, yes, Minnesotans are unnaturally interested in the weather – why do you ask?)

Plus I saw the first two egrets of the season on Monday!

I haven’t noticed any particular effects from the prescription Vitamin D yet, but I hope that starts to change soon. Getting in some walks now that the weather’s nicer should help that. To facilitate that, I’m taking today off from work to walk and bask in the sun. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

…zzzzzzz… -Mayhem

*sun bliss* -Chaos

Please ignore the envelope in the lower right corner of the picture above. It’s actually a cat toy of sorts – Chaos has been happily dragging it around by the strip I used to rip the envelope open.

47 thoughts on “Tentatively excited about spring”

  1. Congratulations on the greenery! We’re expecting 70s tomorrow, too, and I’m hoping to get some good outside time. Have a great weekend!

  2. hmmm, is this the moment when I should tell you that the trees are all green and it has been weather for t-shirts and shorts all of the past two weeks?
    Glad to hear that you take time to join the cats for sunbathing 😉

  3. Let’s see … clean the debris from last year, fertilize, replace plants that didn’t survive, mulch, water the garden, mow the grass and repeat all over again … Yup, a lot to look forward to, but don’t let me stop you from enjoying your Spring 😉

    Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.

  4. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful day off! It’s supposed to be lovely here too, and I get to spend it in 2 meetings in a row, packing Atticus in his carrier to head off to the vet, then racing home for yet another conference call.


  5. Maybe you just need to curl up on the floor with the kittehs in the sunshine? (that would cause a whole ‘nother host of problems for me but that’s irrelevant LOL)

    Hope you’re feeling up to par soon and that you have a great day off!!

  6. I promise, Chris, spring will be there. It’s just taking it’s sweet time this year. Have a wonderful SUNNY Friday off. Oh, and the best cat toys are free;–)

  7. It’s supposed to be SIXTEEN here today. SIXTEEN!! I am definitely going to take my book on to the sun porch and soak up some vitamin D.

    Enjoy your walking – be sure to take your camera! 😉

    And – every time I hear about egrets, I think of you. And I also think of the letter Y, because in French, the Y sounds a lot like ‘egret’.

  8. So much for the sunny friday! My bird excitement is a nesting pair of redtails in my pine tree. A little wildlife sanctuary in the city. Now if they’ll start eating some squirrels I’ll be thrilled.

  9. Neatnik is in shorts today!
    And our lawn is very green – noticed this morning that mowing is getting to be a necessity again. Hmm, wonder if the lawn mower’s battery is working…

  10. Have a GREAT day!! I’m “off” from school today and secretly happy about it since I’ll be at a dance competition all day again tomorrow!

  11. Here’s to some SUN! If not today, then tomorrow. I slept with the window open last night, and awoke to the sound of birds outside–my favorite thing! All Good!

  12. 70? Wow. It is definitely in the 40s and 50s in Massachusetts and just doesn’t feel as warm as one would expect going outside. Not in a bad way, but more in the thin line between winter and spring hasn’t quite been crossed way.

    Have a great day off!

  13. speaking of dragging stuff around the house, ziggy somehow got himself tangled in a balloon ribbon last night in one of the kids rooms and scared the shit out of himself (and me too) and tried to runaway from the balloons that were suddenly “chasing” him

  14. Yep – 70 here too! Crazy warm. Unfortunately, it seems that I must have some spring allergies – since this morning. Grrr.

    I think you need to go lay out in the sunshine – that should help with your vitamin D thing (in theory, of course). But, I guess celiac disease tends to reduce the amount of D that can be absorbed normally. Huh, well – even if it isn’t going to help with *that* – maybe you’ll still enjoy it!

  15. Personally I never noticed any change with the Vitamin D increase, but maybe it will for you. After all, I’ve only got 7000 iu per week 😉 I think the outside time is minimal that you need, and it works even if it’s overcast (I think) so maybe you could add more outside time?

  16. Enjoy your day off and weekend! If only rain could be just at night (like the song about Camelot from the movie)–there wouldn’t be the need for burn restrictions, and you could enjoy the sunshine.

  17. I’m not noticing any difference from my prescription D either…

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we got a surge of energy from the pill? LOL

  18. Rain! At a meeting I attended last night, one woman said she talked to her 91-yo neighbor that day — it was the neighbor’s birthday. When asked what she wanted to for said b’day, she replied, “Rain. It always rained on my birthday when I was young, but it hasn’t for the past three years.”

    Three-year drought. Fire danger. Extremely low lake and river levels. Wells in danger of drying up. Water. We need water.

  19. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gotten to 70 yet here, although it’s been close a couple day. And it just might today.

    You should lay down there on the floor in the sun with the kitties.

  20. That’s it, Chaos! Tearstrips make the best toys…um, but I’m not sure you really need the envelope to get the full effect!
    Chris, my Mommie says that her doc said it’s rare for folks to “notice” feeling the vit D, whatever that means.
    Basking in the sun is good stuff.

  21. I bought some Vitamin D for myself at Costco this week. I’m scared to start taking them as I usually have negative side-effects when taking supplements.

  22. So glad it’s warming up for you! It was nice here today, I spent all of five minutes outside with an audiobook and my knitting before the no-see-ums started flying into my eyes. Stupid bugs. ;o)

  23. I hope you have a wonderfully warm and sunny day and a wonderful weekend if the weather doesn’t hold out. We’re supposed to have rain, but I would be happy to send it your way. 🙂

  24. You know all this time you must have thought that the kitties were just sun bathing, but in actualtiy they were saying mommy you need vitamin D and I heard you can get tha tfrom the sun, so come and lay in the sunrays with us.

    The Terminatory Kitties, also remind me quite a bit like Borg kitties.

    A sweater for you! Its about time, cute pattern too.

  25. Chaos and May look so sweet. I really like this photo of sun-worshiping, peaceful felines.

    This scene gets repeated at my place except the ginger and orange boy lays out on his back, paws up!

  26. You should have gotten some excellent vitamin D yesterday – it was GORGEOUS.

    I haven’t seen any egrets yet but we saw a blue heron last week at Thompson Park in West St. Paul. Very cool birds.

  27. We’ve had the exact same glorious taste of spring here. I even bought some little lobelia for my garden, but it is hiding under my eaves in its pot until all threats of frost have vanished.

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