Long week leading up to linkity


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“Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Or maybe I’m sleepy.” -Mayhem

10 thoughts on “Long week leading up to linkity”

  1. RIP Cassini, and thank you for all the science.

    I’ve reached planner peace, but based on the way that the article is written I hesitate to call it that. I change my planner up regularly, and that is part of what works for me. I’m not sure everyone would call that “peace”.

    Paper is not dead. Nope. And I love wax seals. They’re so fun! I’m glad they’re easier to find now that they’re online.

    I love the dragon with the single coin! I read that on Facebook, and WANT ONE. But the dragon in that story wouldn’t be happy staying with one family for long, I suspect.

    I love the idea of re-sorting the Hogwarts students. I wonder, though, if this is a cultural thing? I’ve never really studied up on British boarding schools, I just know that in American public schools we have different classes with different students in them each year.

    The cat + witch thing… so true.

    OH GOD. The xkcd phone! So perfect!
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  2. Oy, the ice cream! Bizarre.

    Watched a little of the life at sea video – will have to watch the whole thing on the big screen later. Beautiful.

    I took a picture of that same display at our Costco on September 1st. What isn’t quite as noticeable in the photo in your link is the strategically placed ribbon around the skeleton’s hips. It’s pretty funny when viewed from the front.

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