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The Rubber Stamp Album: The Complete Guide to Making Everything Prettier, Weirder, and Funnier by Joni K Miller & Lowry Thompson. This a really good look at the history of rubber stamp making and using up through 1978, when the book was published. And I enjoyed the glimpse of life in 1978 that it provided – it was a reminder of a time when phone calls were expensive, personal computers were unknown, and the internet was ARPANet. You can pick it up for <$10 used – I recommend going through Better World Books (free worldwide shipping and proceeds benefit literacy).

*staring at random empty spot on wall* -Mayhem

9 thoughts on “Linkity is wondering what happened to the rest of summer”

  1. Some great mood lifting video clips today – that Japanese one was awesome and, on kmkat’s links – behind the scenes at the Met, and the one with people doing amazing physical things. Brilliant!

  2. Not going to the office today, and I got my bricked Macbook Air back with its new logic board, so I get to squander some time on this autumn-like August morning. Thanks. Going to add some avocado to my salad for sure. And just so you know. I am NOT a manic pixie dream girl. Sheesh.

  3. Add one more item to Trump’s month:
    Poses for Torso Cake

    “What this headless, neckless, armless, and legless torso lacks in limbs it certainly makes up for with day-glo orange streakiness.”

    Look, he really does have the body of a 35 year old – CAKE!

  4. Wait. That Discworld infographic is supposed to *HELP* me figure the series out>?!? O.o

    I love the Periodic Table of Villains! Though, I haven’t read enough of their books. Must fix that.

    Comma Overload. Awesome band name. Also, the info on the history of “canon” is really neat. And why am I not surprised that it started with Holmes?
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