Comingled linkity of great messiness

Getting paged for work really ate up my evening and my linkity making time, so I’m cranky and going to see how much linkity I can manage in 15-30 minutes. Ready. Set. Go.

Reading Update

  • Look! Up in the sky!

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

12 thoughts on “Comingled linkity of great messiness”

  1. In California, man buns are over. But beards groomed and styled like hair to make them shiny and silky are in.

    I would like to be Chaos today.
    I hope you get to have a good weekend, Chris!

  2. I LOVE what the Girl Scouts are doing. They have made some great decisions lately as far as what they’re teaching (both in their badges and in their policies). Makes me proud to have been a Girl Scout.

    Dragon! Dragon dragon dragon! Such a cute story. And the red string story! That’s amazing.

    I love the article about cats conquering the world! But I am not going to shave my eyebrows off when one of the family cats dies. (Given that my family has a couple acres of land and a resident colony of semi-feral barn cats, this would be disaster.)

    I love the crochet bookmark link! I may have to do some of those this year for gifts. I also may have to finally make the “flat rat” bookmark that’s been in my Rav queue for ages… ๐Ÿ™‚
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  3. I am thrilled that the Girl Scouts are offering Cybersecurity badges – that’s brilliant. I saw Wonderwoman at the weekend and those socks are really cool!
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  4. Re: flat earth. When Elder Son was in ~5th grade, he and two other guys did a research project on what the earth would be like if it were tipped 90ร‹ลก, so its rotational axis was parallel to its orbit. Interesting results (that I no longer remember).
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