Art Journaling Monday! Now with 100% more knitting than usual.

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! 🙂

10 journal prompts to get you thinking about politics… if you can stand to do so.

The really funny thing about these socks I “finished” a few days ago? I discovered them when I was looking for something else… and they only needed two ends woven in to be done. Of course, I do remember moaning and bitching about the skein of yarn I used for them, which I firmly believe should’ve been sold as seconds due to the truly alarming number of ends in it. I’d planned to knit these matchy matchy, but by the time I started the second sock, I knew that wasn’t going to work (too many knots) so I knit it from the opposite end of the skein.

“What are these things on the floor?! They seem somehow familiar, maybe from a long, long time ago.” -Mayhem

10 thoughts on “Art Journaling Monday! Now with 100% more knitting than usual.”

  1. The socks are perfectly not matchy, matchy! Hope the need for warm socks ends soon! I’m ready for spring. LOVE the Hope postcard and what you did to your journal page. Nice job!
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  2. The socks look great, but will you be able to wear them without remembering your annoyance with the yarn? 🙂

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