Da fang

Stephania, like many of us, fell in love with Lizard Ridge but really can’t justify the expense of all that Kureyon. So she’s asking for Lizard Ridge squares, which she will assemble into a blanket and send to Afghans for Afghans, with everyone’s name attached. If there are enough squares for a second Lizard Ridge, each person sending a sqaure will be entered in a drawing to win that Lizard Ridge.

Kristi of Red Dog Knits is pregnant with boy triplets and is on bed rest. Some of her friends have organized a Virtual Baby Shower (with prizes for participating knitters)! More details can be found in this post.

To quote the Scout, “Dayum!” – I won Cindy’s contest! Really, I want all this luck energy to head to Chaos, please!

Reading Update: After You’d Gone by Maggie O’Farrell. Wow. This book was intense and excellent. It built from a point in time, then went back in the past with various people to build the story to the present. Someone recommended this to me, perhaps on a blog, and I wish I remembered who so I could say thank you.

Chaos really appreciated all the birthday wishes and probably wishes he lived with any one of you as I squirt his 3x/day antibiotics down his throat. Vacation? Um, yeah, now it’s going to be hanging out at home and caring for my kitties, not going to Colorado and New Mexico… Any local knitters doing anything interesting next week??

I was actually going to have a picture of my Regia Silk socks for you, all 1.5 of them. But alas…. So! I shall continue to distract you with cute cat pictures! (Hey, it’s worked so far…..)

“It’s very exhausting being this beautiful.”

“Oh no! Boss, da fang, da fang!!”

“Ok, I’ll let you wash me if you won’t eat me… and if I can have that spiffy red mouse back…”